March 1, 2016

Welcome back: March Goals

1. Celebrate my birthday on the 8th (25...WHAT?!)
2. Watch one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams this Saturday. EEKK!
3. Go through all clothes and toss anything not worn in the past few months.
4. Start the Radical Growth online study with Havilah Cunnington
5. Welcome in Spring!
6. Fix up and make our large front porch a place for coziness (this southern lady's dream)
7. Plant flowers and more flowers
8. Meal plan for the whole month

When I logged in to create my post this morning, it was such a missed, excited and anxious feeling (and also a stressed moment of trying to remember how in the world to work this site) Yall, it has been almost one year since I have posted in this space. Looking back at my previous posts, it is crazy to think about how much has happened in just one year...from moving into a new home, celebrating our two year anniversary, vacations, new friendships, new perspectives, so much growth. I have wanted to start back, but I didn't feel like it was the right timing just yet. I don't want this to be an area of forced writing, but a place to openly share my heart to you all. SO, here I finally am and I couldn't be more ready :)

What do yall have planned for this month?


  1. So, so proud of you Lo! You go get those goals <3

    Shelby T.

  2. i am so glad you are back!! i have been checking in lots...xo

  3. yay for birthdays!!!
    i need to go through my clothes as well!
    and meal planning! YES!