March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

Reflecting back on this weekend, Im totally thinking it was the best one I could have imagined. Oh, and please ignore the horrible quality shown from all the iphone photos :)
We now have a kitten, Ms. Izzy! We aren't really sure where she came from, she just wondered on our porch one day and hasn't left since. But we are okay with that. She has stolen our hearts in the smallest amount of time. 
The weekend started a bit early on Thursday with celebrating this beautiful bride to be be! It was a sweet, simple and elegant night of precious company, many laughs and incredible food. 
Friday night, Sean and I had a night at home which included Friends, Chick Fil A and a moment when he said to sit on the couch with my magazines as he cleaned. That boy.
Earlier in the day on Saturday, we witnessed two of our most precious friends come together as one in marriage. It was an incredible, tear jerking, stunning worship service. Not to mention, I couldn't stop swooning over the venue. It was an adorable, southern chapel out in the country. Talk about the way to my heart. I was a hot mess as I watched my beautiful and dearly cherished friend marry her groom. Many congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Adams!  
After the wedding, Sean and I headed downtown to watch our incredibly talented friend, Will Tucker, play at BB Kings. It was SUCH a blast spending time with friends and just having a relaxed night of delicious food, amazing company and some incredible music. 
After our food came, Sean told me that he felt sick and we had to end the night early. When we pulled in our driveway, I noticed our lights quickly turned off and I went into a mini panic....totally thinking someone was in our home. After Sean went to search, he noticed his key fell of the key chain but stated that all was okay to go inside. Because that was supposed to make me feel better. Nervously walking in, I heard a loud "surprise" as I saw my precious friends throwing balloons in the air. 
Sean had planned an early birthday surprise with the ones we love so much. I had been a little bummed because on my actual birthday, a lot of our friends would be traveling for Spring Break. So having this precious surprise made for THE sweetest birthday. 
 On Sunday, we went to church and then grabbed a delicious lunch from Whole Foods. That beef yall. GET SOME. Afterwards, we went to a vintage home and garden exchange. I walked into home decor heaven and picked up a few goodies that have been on my wish list. It was a relaxing day to a packed, but overwhelmingly joyful weekend.
What plans did you have for this weekend? Have a wonderful Monday beauties!! 
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