July 8, 2016


It is days like today when I am most thankful for this blog. A place I may not keep up with too often, but a safe place where I can share what is on my heart. A place to be vulnerable and let you in, as community is made for.

My heart is heavy. As we all have heard, seen, read, watched....this week has been tough for America. Shootings, violence, racism, division in the times when unity is needed most, revenge of more shootings..... We are broken.

When things like this occur, I feel the world stopping. I feel the concerns that I have concerning my own life slowly disappear. I am overwhelmed with deep compassion to care more for others than I could ever care for myself. I feel tears streaming for those who I do not know, but who I would do anything to comfort right now.

Brothers and sisters....this is what we all are.
Jesus proclaims he will pour out his spirit on ALL flesh, holiness is not a mean of segregation. God looks at humanity as ONE, not divisions. We live in a culture where people are valued based on what we agree on. We live in a culture that is ran by a political and religious system. Friends, if God is a place of refuge, we should be a place of refuge too...regardless of skin color, culture, backgrounds....we are all one.  If we see bad things happening in our city and consider it "those people" who are doing wrong, just stop right there. God entrusted us with these cities, we are entrusted to be a light for these people around us. Have a mission field right where you go and right where you are. 

I was telling my husband last night that oftentimes I feel the enemy defeating me. When news like this spreads throughout social media and the news, it is as if any single thing I can do will not be enough to let others know about how GOOD my Father is. I want to help, but I feel too small. But in that moment, I feel the Holy Spirit softly reminding me about the pages I read in Fervent by Priscilla Shirer (HIGHLY advise all you women to pick up that book), the enemy loves to silence us. He loves for us to sit back when these things happen. He loves that instead of unity, we put on this defense against "who was right vs who was wrong." He loves for us to see others by their skin than for who they are. He loves to drown our passions to help those in need. He loves to ignite a "someone else will fix it" attitude so that we will stop trying. He loves for us to throw our hands up and watch America spiral down into an even bigger mess.

Friends, we were put on this earth for one reason and one reason only. To share the GOOD News of Jesus. We were made to be disciples, proclaiming His name and baptizing those who come to know him. Never sit back and allow someone else to do the work. Let us rise up and proclaim from the rooftops. Lets us walk the streets, laying our hands on those who need prayer. Let us show hospitality and invite those into our home for deep conversation. Let us see each other as equal to ourselves. Let us remember the deep love that Jesus had for all he encountered. Let us remember the command that He gave to love the same way.

"For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

March 9, 2016

Learning to be less.

This year at my church, we are doing a top to bottom, deeper study of the Bible. This past Sunday, we started talking about the Ten Commandments. We all know the list, and we all think we do a pretty good job at keeping them (at least speaking from my personal perspective). We talked about the first two and how we are to have no other gods, no other idols. In the beginning of the sermon, Im sitting there thinking to myself that this was a no brainer, that I was doing just fine in the "keeping the commandments" game. But as our pastor kept speaking...I started to feel a really deep tug in my heart which brought me to the realization that maybe I do have idols before the Lord. Talk about a "sinking down in the chair" moment.
We all live a life where time controls A lot. We have to be at work at this time, the gym at that time, dinner with our friends here and there. Speaking from personal experience, time is something that really controls every aspect of my life.
Since January, I have been doing a bible study with my women's group called The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. Yall, go get your girlfriends, and go do this study. Priscilla is on fire! 
If I have learned anything in this study, it has been to be SO intentional with the Lord. To spend time in prayer, long times, not just those quick "before dinner" prayers. I have learned to put HIM first, not my time, not my husband, not my family or friends. But the One who matters above all.
Time is my idol. Time is what blocks me the most from keeping the Lord first. More time of sleeping is what tells me to hit the snooze rather than getting up an hour earlier to be slow with my Provider. Time is what tells me to rush to work and to not open my Bible at all. Time is what tells me to get dinner started before Sean comes home and that having a meal on the table makes me more of a perfect wife than going to the One who tells me how to be a loving and faithful wife. Whew, getting heated yall. A certain time is what tells me to get to bed so I can get back to work tomorrow.
But I am the one who controls what time tells me. I am the one allowing time to be an idol.
Ive always admired Sean saying "the brakes are always on our side." Jesus is waiting for us to come to him, but it is our choice to give our all, which includes our full hearts, full minds, money, time....I know it seems like such an obvious issue, but sometimes the simple things are overlooked the most.
When running across the new Bethel album a few weeks ago, this song below had me in TEARS yall. Sean and I have really been talking about giving the Lord our all and between our conversations, the bible study, our sermon series and this song, I have felt more convicted and have seen my faults more clearly.
I am so grateful that the Lord is full of abundant grace, everlasting love..and when I fail, he simply picks me up again to correct me in all that love and grace.

"He must become greater; I must become less”
John 3:30 

March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

Reflecting back on this weekend, Im totally thinking it was the best one I could have imagined. Oh, and please ignore the horrible quality shown from all the iphone photos :)
We now have a kitten, Ms. Izzy! We aren't really sure where she came from, she just wondered on our porch one day and hasn't left since. But we are okay with that. She has stolen our hearts in the smallest amount of time. 
The weekend started a bit early on Thursday with celebrating this beautiful bride to be be! It was a sweet, simple and elegant night of precious company, many laughs and incredible food. 
Friday night, Sean and I had a night at home which included Friends, Chick Fil A and a moment when he said to sit on the couch with my magazines as he cleaned. That boy.
Earlier in the day on Saturday, we witnessed two of our most precious friends come together as one in marriage. It was an incredible, tear jerking, stunning worship service. Not to mention, I couldn't stop swooning over the venue. It was an adorable, southern chapel out in the country. Talk about the way to my heart. I was a hot mess as I watched my beautiful and dearly cherished friend marry her groom. Many congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Adams!  
After the wedding, Sean and I headed downtown to watch our incredibly talented friend, Will Tucker, play at BB Kings. It was SUCH a blast spending time with friends and just having a relaxed night of delicious food, amazing company and some incredible music. 
After our food came, Sean told me that he felt sick and we had to end the night early. When we pulled in our driveway, I noticed our lights quickly turned off and I went into a mini panic....totally thinking someone was in our home. After Sean went to search, he noticed his key fell of the key chain but stated that all was okay to go inside. Because that was supposed to make me feel better. Nervously walking in, I heard a loud "surprise" as I saw my precious friends throwing balloons in the air. 
Sean had planned an early birthday surprise with the ones we love so much. I had been a little bummed because on my actual birthday, a lot of our friends would be traveling for Spring Break. So having this precious surprise made for THE sweetest birthday. 
 On Sunday, we went to church and then grabbed a delicious lunch from Whole Foods. That beef yall. GET SOME. Afterwards, we went to a vintage home and garden exchange. I walked into home decor heaven and picked up a few goodies that have been on my wish list. It was a relaxing day to a packed, but overwhelmingly joyful weekend.
What plans did you have for this weekend? Have a wonderful Monday beauties!! 
Also! Head on over to check out my dear friend's blog The Memphis Jewel. This girl has got ALL the fashion yall need!

March 1, 2016

Welcome back: March Goals

1. Celebrate my birthday on the 8th (25...WHAT?!)
2. Watch one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams this Saturday. EEKK!
3. Go through all clothes and toss anything not worn in the past few months.
4. Start the Radical Growth online study with Havilah Cunnington
5. Welcome in Spring!
6. Fix up and make our large front porch a place for coziness (this southern lady's dream)
7. Plant flowers and more flowers
8. Meal plan for the whole month

When I logged in to create my post this morning, it was such a missed, excited and anxious feeling (and also a stressed moment of trying to remember how in the world to work this site) Yall, it has been almost one year since I have posted in this space. Looking back at my previous posts, it is crazy to think about how much has happened in just one year...from moving into a new home, celebrating our two year anniversary, vacations, new friendships, new perspectives, so much growth. I have wanted to start back, but I didn't feel like it was the right timing just yet. I don't want this to be an area of forced writing, but a place to openly share my heart to you all. SO, here I finally am and I couldn't be more ready :)

What do yall have planned for this month?