March 25, 2015

Ways to Stay True To Blogging

Sometimes I know this space is more empty than it should be. Sometimes I have the drive and the excitement to get back into blogging. Sometimes I have a whole list of topics that I am ready to write about. But then, sometimes my drive stops and discouragement comes. Over the past few months, I have seen sides of blogging that just haven't been the happiest. I have seen a lot of repetitiveness with bloggers, the same walk, the same photos, the same talk. I felt like I have been spiraling down to this place that "looks the way I should as a blogger" but that is nothing like I actually want to be.

I want my blog to be a place of honesty. I want to proclaim the Lord, I want to share about Him and have every topic honoring to Him. I want to be known as the blogger who LOVES everyone and who will be here with every email, every text, every call, just being a friend. I want to be a blogger who is known for talking about the really ugly times rather than the really easy times. In the past, Ive been discouraged because I have seen a lot of falseness going on with proclaiming who we are online and how we are in person. That is the last thing I want here.
Ive been thinking of things that blog friends have said in the past, things I have felt over the past few weeks and just things in general that we need to do in order to keep our hearts tied to our blogs.

Ways to Stay True to Blogging:
1. Don't worry about the stats. These things can tieee you down. Just about every blogger I know will probably agree to this one. We can get so consumed with how many views, how many followers, how many will just drive you crazy.Plus, blogging isn't about your stats, its about you expressing, reflecting and showing us who you are.

2. Reflect who you are offline. This is probably THE biggest step with staying true to your blog. Its simple, just reflect yourself! Let others feel as if they are sitting down and having coffee with you. I am so glad to say that every blog friend I have met offline has been such a reflection of their blogs. That is what continues to build community and remember to never be afraid of showing who you really are!

3. Choose topics that interest yourself. If there is a topic you love, odds are someone else will love it as well. I have created posts that were simply about the things I love and they turned out to be some of my most viewed posts (using an example here, not relating to stats :) ) There is so much we can chat about on our blogs and talking about things that are true to your heart will really reflect on your page.

4. Stop trying to be perfect. One thing that really made me frustrated in myself was trying to be perfect with my blog. I would love to be a blogger who posts three or more times a week because to me, the more you post, the more community is built. But lets be real here, I have a full time job, full time school, becoming very involved in my church, a husband to be with, friends to spend time with, a house to clean, dinner to cook and time to just be for myself. Sometimes blogging just does not fit in there and Ive finally come to realize that. One day I would love continual posts all throughout the week, but I have finally come to a place to know that if life happens, its okay to miss a day of blogging.

5. Create a space that is you. Whether this is your layout, your photos, your content, just reflect yourself. Readers want to know who you are and what you are all about. It is so, so easy being you! Never let your space become a place where you are creating posts just to say certain things or taking Instagram photos just to gain more likes. BE YOU. Community and friendship is built on knowing all about the good times, the hard times and the honest times.

What I caught myself doing in the past was saying "blog for the reason you first started blogging." Go back to the roots of why you created your blog, what you wanted to share and what you wanted to express within yourself. Oh, and never create a lifestyle blog with the number one goal making money. This is where the above five statements can get a little rocky. Blogging can be one of the most beautiful pieces of our lives if we allow it to be. The friendships I have created would have never happened without this little space and it is simply a place to let the online community be used for good purpose. Always, always, always let yourself shine through your posts and generally all around your blog. You are so loved and there are plenty of people who are very excited that you are who you are!

March 6, 2015

Giveaway // All that Glitters is Gold

Today, I am very excited to be helping some beautiful ladies with a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, a Kate Spade giveaway that is. I adore everything Kate Spade because all the purses, jewelry, etc are so classy and elegant.
One lucky lady will receive this Kate Spade Rose Gold Wristlet (SWOON) and a bangle that reads "This is the Year to make a splash"
allthatglittersisgoldgiveawayThese are the lovely ladies hosting the giveaway with me:janfebLauren of Sincerely, Lo | Anne of Love the Here and Now | Lindsay of Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos Bex of Butcher's Niche | Amanda of Kids and Cabernet | Liz of Baby Got BA Suz of 2 Cats and Chloe | Lisa of Lisa Loves John | Nina of Flowers in my Hair

The rules are simple! Just do the options below in order to earn points and one random winner will be selected tonight. Yall be sure to enter!

March 4, 2015

March Goals.

This little space has roughly been abandoned almost the whole start of the new year. Feeling a loss of where to take my blog and what my main goal was, it left a lot of confusion and emptiness. So, February was basically a month of silence. I posted one time on a subject that I was very passionate about. But other than that, it was a month to refresh and reflect.

So, here I am with a calmed feeling about this blog. A calming as in not worrying about the stats, the followers, the comments, but the fact that I am here for the main reason I started blogging in the first place, to spread joy, to tell a story and to share the love of Christ. Lets do this.

Since there were no goals posted in February, I'll take a look back at the January Goals :)

January Goals
Transition from a nursery leader to a middle or high school leader at our church
Finish editing all my previous photo shoots
Finalize plans for our Florida trip
Get things planned to pack for Florida
Continue to do my Tone It Up routine day by day (started strong...)
Make healthier eating habits
Take a calligraphy class with my precious blogging friends Rachel, Jenni and Rachel!
Save up so I can purchase my ticket for The Influence Conference. (tears)
Take new blog photos

March Goals
Finish the process for becoming a middle school small group leader
Do a daily, unhurried priority time
Continue to house search.
Save much and spend little
Continue to eat organic and healthy
Follow the Tone It Up routine daily
Spring clean!
Start the pieces for my capsule wardrobe and clean out the unwanted clothes
Have a wonderful birthday weekend with Sean, friends and family
Complete two DIY projects that have been on my mind

Between the warm weather (fingers crossed) and my birthday, March has always been one of my favorite months. Its a beautiful month to see things coming in bloom and the green leaves starting to fill up the tree branches. Its a month of new beginnings and old winter funks. 
March, lets do this. 

What are some of your March goals?