January 22, 2015

Words for 2015.

2015. Can you believe we are writing down another year already? Another fresh start, more new beginnings, more dreams to chase and more resolutions to follow. When I was writing down my 2015 goals, overwhelming was a word that I kept whispering to myself. Sometimes I feel like my dreams are so big that there is absolutely no way I have the time or energy to make them happen. But then I catch myself, my own self doubt is what gets in the way of these dreams.
When thinking about a word I wanted to base this new year on, it was literally the first word that came to my mind. When I thought of other words to use, nothing fit. As much as I didn't want my chosen word to be my chosen word, I knew it was the word I needed for this year. Following here?

A word that I am honestly scared of. Many opportunities I may have in life I shoot down because there is this self doubt that continues to play inside my head. Shooting my first wedding would be wonderful, but then doubt. Doubt that anything but good photos will be taken and that the bride will just cry herself to sleep. Doubt to try new things because they are out of a comfort zone.
Bravery just doesn't happen.
I saw this happen time after time last year and honestly, I missed a lot of great opportunities. For 2015, I want to be brave with this life that is such a precious gift. The Lord didn't put us on this earth to be hesitant, to ignore others or to be timid about new opportunities. I have really felt these words coming from the Lord lately to "just go, just do and to be brave." We are doing a sermon on our church called "Doable" and it is about setting yourself to be the best for the Lord, so you can learn to be the best for others. At the series kick off last week, our preacher asked us to grab a sharpie, go to the lobby wall and write down a word that we want to base this year on. Oh man, did the pressure hit. Brave was a word that I knew I needed but I was hoping it would be something else like "stress less, prioritize, health" or something. But again, right there in the second row we sit in, I felt like I was being directly talked to. Brave popped up in my mind once again and I knew that it was time for me to start living with this word as my backbone. So, this Sunday, brave will be written across that wall. Each Sunday I will see it and remember to keep living it.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

John 16:33
I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. 

Some of my goals include growing my blog, taking photography to the next level, opening a little shop Ive had in mind for quite a while, starting a girls ministry and to be the stranger that becomes a friend. So, this year will be a time of stepping out. A time to let myself learn from new opportunities that I will be hesitant to take, but that will be joyous in the end. Living in a comfort zone is great, until you become stuck in that zone and hate to leave. This year will be the year to move, the year to be brave.

What is your 2015 word for the year? How do you take the steps out of your comfort zone?


  1. What a great word for the year. I love all these verses too. I am memorizing a different verse every month. I can't wait to see the store that you come in with.

  2. What a year it's going to be! I'm right there with you, brave scares the stuffin' out of me. And I love that you chose John 16:33. "Take heart." Sometimes that's what it feels like, as though I have to reach out and take Brave by the horns then follow that crazy ride. But God is so faithful, amen? Just love your heart, sweet friend!

  3. Came over here from Nina's blog, I'll be following along. You sound like my kind of girl :) Seek is my word for this year, honestly it was last year too, but I feel like I still have more to hand over and so much more to learn! Focusing on Jeremiah 29:13.