January 30, 2015

Oh Hey Friday // 5 Travel Essentials.

This whole month has consisted of a countdown. A countdown until Sean and I finally take our overdue anniversary trip to our most loved place in the world, the beach. We only have two days left and since we had to cancel our trip in September, giddy is an understatement for how we are acting. More like maniacs you could say. We have such a love for traveling and it is a great way for us to focus on one another and create sweet memories of our marriage.

With traveling, what you bring along as your essentials is so important. It not only determines how quickly the drive will go by, but also how fun your ride will be, especially since we will be driving for nine hours on Sunday by car (yes, planes are quicker but also over 1000 feet in the air, okay?) However, if you are one that doesn't mind flying, perhaps you can check into RelayRides, a highly suggested option for those looking for an airport car rental. After doing some research, Ive learned that for the day I decide to be brave and fly, they will be my go to place to make things much smoother and relaxed on our trip. Plus, who wouldn't want to pick out a dream car to drive in for part of a vacation? But for now, these are some of the travel essentials I will have to make sure the ride is as cheerful as a nine hour drive can be.

1. Music
This is probably the most important thing for both Sean and myself. Both of us are music crazy and probably listen to it most of our day so of course we would have it on a road trip. Create a Spotify account and save all the music that you would like to have along the way. You can also create playlists that will shuffle through all the traveling music you create. Try it out!

2. Snacks
Okay, maybe this is the most important. This girl needs food like every hour. Healthy snacks are always the best route to take because you don't want to stuff yourself with unhealthy sweets or junk, and then feel horrible when you finally arrive to your destination. Some of our essential snacks are carrots, Luna bars and celery sticks.

3. Pillows and Blankets
There is one road in Alabama that we travel when we go down to Florida and it is the same, straight road for miles and miles and miles. This is normally the road that calls for a good nap. Remember, you aren't traveling alone so accommodating the car temp for others can leave you shivering. Plus blankets and pillows will make any long ride more comfortable.

4. Games
One of my favorite memories was riding with my family and playing the alphabet game. Basically, you see who can spot signs that are in order of the alphabet and whoever can get to Z first, will win. I know people also play the license plate game and such. Its a great way to pass the time and create fun experience with your travel partners.

5.Window Tints
Unless you have your car windows tinted, driving around in the blazing sunshine can really make you tired, irritable and burnt. One thing that I will be purchasing for this trip is pull down car-shade. Silly I know but trust me, it does wonders. Most of the time, you will see these on cars that have babies in the car seat and since I haven't been to tint my windows just yet, these are definitely an essential. 

What are some must have travel essentials for you?
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  1. These are awesome tips, sister! I need to remember these for our next trip...and HELLO that window tint is awesome. I may have to buy myself one. I know you are going to have the BEST time on your trip! I can't wait to hear all about it...take lots of pictures!

  2. I love this list--the snacks are very important on the list for me! Haha I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a fun Versatile Blogger Award! :) Check it out on my blog: http://thehoneyblondelife.com/2015/02/06/nominated-the-versatile-blogger-award

    Blessings, Beth

  3. LOVE this... all about a pillow, blanket, and some road trip snacks. My husband and I ALWAYS get hot tamales- it's our thing. We also play silly buzzfeed games- the results usually make us laugh a lot. :)