January 14, 2015

January Goals

My word, how I have missed you all so much! My site has been down for a month now so posting this post really means more to me than it should. It may be the most treasured post yet, okay maybe not but seriously, it feels so good just typing away right now. This post may be only 14 days overdue but since monthly posts are some of my favorites, I don't think it will hurt to go on tell of some small January plans :)

December goals:
1. Begin the advent calender created by Kate and Kuby
2. Continue to read the bible deeper than before 
3. Book my first wedding shoot
4. Invest in deeper relationships with sweet friends
5. Make photography business plans
6. Make other project business plans coming soon!
7. Purchase my first Young Living Essential Oils kit (I have GOT to get on this!)
8. Start knitting again
9. Clean my closet and donate clothes 
10. Give to others
11. Attend a Christmas play
12. Have a date night to our local zoo lights
13. Take a trip to look at Christmas lights
14. Finish or get close to finishing The Best Yes
15. Have a wonderful Christmas
January Goals
1. Transition from a nursery leader to a middle or high school leader at our church
2. Finish editing all my previous photo shoots. Seriously, I am up to my ears here. 
3. Finalize plans for our Florida trip
4. Get things planned to pack for Florida...I have a problem with packing too much 
5. Continue to do my Tone It Up routine day by day
6. Make healthier eating habits
7. Take a calligraphy class with my precious blogging friends Rachel, Jenni and Rachel! Excited is truly an understatement!
8. Save up so I can purchase my ticket for The Influence Conference. Oh how this is a must.
9. Take new blog photos

Not too many goals are set for January because this month I am needing to take things slower. You know those people who think about the new year, have all these neatly organized new year goals...then life happens, the plans aren't what they expected and they stress so much because they are just so focused on the "perfect" plans that went wrong???
Yes, that would be me. 
If you have followed along on my Instagram then you would know just what I mean. The new  year started off with both my sister and father in law in the hospital with test after test being ran. I was an emotional mess because my sister and I are so so close while my father in law is the best one I could dream for. Then my blog being totally crashed was just added pressure on top. Let me tell you, when you blog, losing a blog is tragic (okay maybe not tragic, but it hurts). My host that provides my domain had a glitch in their site and rather than my domain automatically renewing, it canceled my contract. Yuck.
(Oh, and let me just give a huge thank you to my sweet friend Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do. She is the absolute best for helping me with my site problems! That girl is the most blog savy of anyone I have met in this blogging community!)
In the end, we are praising the Lord that my family is now back home, completely healthy and my blog is finally back up. But honestly looking back at how my year started out, I'm really glad that I had something break me down. I have found myself really depending on these perfect plans to happen and completely being blindsided when they don't, and that is not a way to live yall. So this month will be taken slow and steady. The very first of February, Sean and I will be going on a much needed anniversary trip re-do since our original anniversary trip had to be canceled. So until we return from the trip, I just plan to take life pretty easy which includes many lazy days on the couch, watching a lot of HGTV and simply being simple. 
January, you may be the best month yet.


  1. You are too sweet Lauren! I am so glad your space is back up! I've missed being able to visit. Praise Jesus that your family members are back home safe! I know how it feels to have family things going on, it makes you feel pretty helpless. I am so jealous of your calligraphy class with everyone- cue the sobbing and jealousy! Have so much fun on you trip :)

  2. I can't believe that your blog was shut down. I had a similar problem when I switching names but that was my fault. I would love to know where you researched for a business plan. I need to sit and redo my goals a little bit. I think it's great not to have a lot of goals and enjoy time.

  3. I just love your Jan goals - especially #7! YAY!!! I also love that you're back in blogland!! xo

  4. Welcome back, Lauren!! I'm so glad your blog is back up :) I'm totally jealous of your calligraphy class, too! :)

  5. I'm so glad you got your blog back!! I would have run straight to Madison as well! That girl can figure anything out!
    It is my fear that one day my blog will be shut down without any warning. I would freak.out.

    Welcome back!!
    Oh, and I'm so sorry about your family being in the hospital. Are they doing better now?