December 19, 2014

Photo Update // Vol. 6

I absolutely swoon over these photos every time I see them. Does that sound weird enough?? Not only are these photos just beautiful, but the family captured in the photos is so dear to my heart. When my sweet friend Rachel from Oh, Simple Thoughts texted me and asked if I could do a Christmas photo shoot of her family, my heart leaped for joy. I have been following Rachel's blog for quite a while now and when we met for a coffee date in the beginning of the year, she instantly became a wonderful real life friend and inspiration because of her strong love for the Lord, sweet marriage, and strength as she created her own shop Oh, Simple Joys.

During the day of the photo shoot, the weather was beautiful and out of nowhere, this rain shower came. I think I could have cried when I heard that rain hitting my roof because NO photographer wants to get hit with rain literally minutes before a photo shoot. Because Rachel, her husband Ben and their precious pup Piper live quite a distance from us, it wasn't a shoot to just reschedule. So we went on and hoped for the best. Luckily, we pulled in to the park area, the rain started to clear and this breathtaking sun started shining through the trees.
I cant say how many times I thanked Jesus for this one. He clearly answered our prayers.
Now for my favorites! FYI Blogger stinks at photo quality. 

Yall, how precious are they?
Thank you so much to one of the sweetest families for such a wonderful time!


  1. ahhh i love rachel!
    GIRL these are stunning pictures!!
    the back-lighting = swoon!

  2. Aww they're so, so cute! That doggie is pretty photogenic too ;)

  3. Very nice pictures. Great job. I love how the dog cooperated.

  4. OMG! You are an amazingly talented photographer! These are wonderful photos of their trio :)

  5. These are beautiful! You would never know it had just rained.

  6. your photography is beautiful!! you are so talented!


  7. You got some awesome lighting! These are great. I loved the Merry Christmas banner they used.