November 5, 2014

Stitch Fix // Vol. 1

Let me start out by saying how much I love Stitch Fix.
If you have never heard of this little site, go now!
Basically, you fill out a style profile and they send you clothes (when you want them to be sent) according to your style profile.
You come home, find a box on your door and you know it is about to be a happy mail day.
Try on the pieces. The ones you love are to keep and the ones that are not so loved will simply be sent back...with no shipping charge! You can also send your stylist specific notes on a "theme" to pack. This is great if you have a wedding or photoshoot coming!
It is such a blast to me because others are picking out things I normally wouldnt pick for myself.
 This first piece was a precious heart blouse that was loved immediately. Who says you only need to wear hearts for Valentines Day?
 The second piece was this green cardigan. I am almost certain that this is the most comfortable cardigan I have ever worn. It was so soft and warm, but I hated the color. I love green but I wasnt 100% for this green. I hope that makes sense. So this little sweet cardigan had to go back.
 Of course, I had to take a photo with my little guy, Boots.
 Now this dress. I loved the pattern but yall, it made me look so stinking awkward. My shoulders looked massive and it simply wasnt flattering on me. But again, the pattern was precious. This piece was returned.
 The fourth piece was a pair of boyfriend jeans (which are always so comfortable!)
Unfortunately, they were really long and had to be rolled. Since it is getting closer to winter, I dont want pants I will have to roll because I will turn into an icecube (no exaggeration)
 I actually went back to my style profile and requested that jeans not be sent only because 99% of the time, I have to find super short legged jeans in order for them to not drag across the ground.
Short legs for the win.
The last piece was this adorable blouse. It was definitely my style and it was such a comfortable material that could be worn year- round.

Stitch Fix definitely didnt dissapoint. I am so excited for my next box because I have left my stylist a note to send Christmas/warm colors for our Christmas card photoshoot!
P.S. Would you like a Christmas card from the Flowers family?

Which pieces would you keep? Have a Stitch Fix? I would love to see your reviews!


  1. Um, ABSOLUTELY I would like a Christmas card from y'all! Yippeee :)

    Also all of these outfits are gorgeous on you. I totally get the rolled jeans thing though, I'm the same way! Are you a shortie like me?! I think my favorite might be the heart blouse!

  2. I am currently waiting for my second stitch fix to arrive and I am so impatient! I am so tempted to change the frequency to every 2 weeks but let's be honest I really don't need to be spending that much money on clothes! So I will wait another month! Below is my stitch fix review!

  3. You are so adorable Lauren! :) How tall are you? Is that a weird question? I just need to know if we are really twins, haha! I am 5 "6"
    And Christmas card?? Totally!

  4. The hearts and the blue dress! LOVEEEE