November 3, 2014

November Goals.

I can't believe I am even typing out the word "November"
October was a month that flew by but it was probably one of the best months this year. It was full of blessings, laughter, new beginnings, wonderful friends and an incredible, loving Lord who is always so present.
Taking a look back at my October goals 
1. Post my October Stitch- fix.
Coming this week!
2. Learn how to knit
Knitting needles and yarn have been purchased!
3. Learn how to cross- stitch
My new favorite hobby yall
4. Take a camping trip
Posting soon!
5. Take a road trip
My sweet best friend and I took a wonderful trip to Nashville!
6. Have a bonfire
7. Carve a pumpkin
How did I not do this??
8. Enjoy a hayride
It was a hayride with blankets, but I will count it :)
9. Dress up for Halloween
Taylor Swift, a nurse and a Dunkin Donut!
10. Have a photo-shoot
Posting soon!
11. Become an expert in Photoshop
(It can happen?)
Well, I am learning
12. Help others in need
There were small things that I did to help, but I wont consider this one marked just yet.
13. Change my blog space
Coming very soon!!
14. Start exercising regularly again
Ehhh...working on that.
15. Continue working on my little project
(more coming on down the road)
Overall, I would call it a pretty successful month!
November goals:
1. Start knitting.
2. Complete another cross-stitch to post.
3. Finish The Best Yes
4. Start getting things together for Operation Christmas Child box.
5. Help with my first giveaway
6. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving
7. Find a good static reducing hair product
(seriously, yall should see my bangs. I look like I was struck by lightning)
8. Journal all throughout November on what I am thankful for
9. Become serious about meal planning
10. Create at least three of my DIYs on Pinterest
11. Start getting all the Christmas decorations together
(Yes, d├ęcor goes up November 28th!)
12. Purchase a Christmas tree.
This month, I am not making myself plan any serious goals. One thing I love most about November is slowing down and well, being thankful. Sometimes it is easy to let things pass by but November is definitely the month that reminds me to stop and take everything in. The good people, the sweet moments and the unforgettable memories. This month, I plan to enjoy than to get caught up in the busyness of life. I cant wait to spend a holiday surrounded by my handsome man, my wonderful family and my sweetest friends.
November, you will be so grand


  1. I love setting goals each month. Such a great way to keep focused and stay on track!

  2. Looks like we have some of the same goals! We can do it, girl!