November 7, 2014

Fall Photos in a Cotton Field.

A couple of weeks ago, Sean and I won a contest from the lovely Mandy Lea Photography. Basically, the contest was to comment on posts and share her page information on Facebook. Afterwards, your name was entered into a random shuffler. I was incredibly amazed that Sean and I won this contest. First off, I am never one who wins anything. I could be in a contest with myself and somehow someone else would win. But seriously, this was a huge blessing for me. I had wanted photos for our first year of marriage and with photographers only raising their prices in our hometown, it was something I was having to save and save for.
Seriously, were talking $ 350 just for a basic package...

I absolutely loved shooting with Mandy. She is so cheerful, fun and she turns the shoots into a wonderful time. She did everythig so perfectly and she shot natural photos which I LOVE. I ordered three 18x20 canvases on Groupon last night and I cant decide on which three to pick (recommendations appreciated) Mandy is also doing our Christmas card photoshoot in a couple of weeks which I cannot wait for
(if you would still like a card, email me at
Oh, and please ignore my squint eyes yall. Seriously, I dont know why I can never keep my eyes wide open for photos. But we always get a pretty good laugh at it :)

 Nothing warms my heart quite like looking back at sweet moments captured by photography. One of the reasons I love doing it so much is because I can capture these memories for others. Even if its a quick shoot in a hayfield or a goofy shoot dancing in the streets, its remembering a special time in life with the ones who are loved the most.
Mandy, thank you again for capturing our sweet moments with your incedible talent :)


  1. Oh I really love the 4th one from the bottom! The sun colors are amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I am in love with every one of these. I love cotton fields, I've always wanted to take pictures in them/of them!

  3. love the scenery, your outfit and how precious these are! Also, the one of you peeking over his shoulder is my favorite.

  4. SO SO beautiful! What a lucky win!

  5. Congrats on winning the contest! The pics are beautiful. However, my most favourite one has to be the first. :)

    Tami Marie

  6. AHHH I was just eying that tunic dress last night and couldn't decide if I could pull it off with leggings - TOTALLY CAN you look adorable!

  7. awesome photos! you two look amazing! great photo location!

  8. these are SOOOOO beautiful!
    Y'all are gorgeous!
    and this location is stunning!

  9. I'm literally obsessed with your blog girl!! Your photography is amazing and I love your style! New follower for sure!!