November 14, 2014

Christmas Tree Inspiration.

Currently it is 25 degrees here in my hometown. With it becoming winter before Thanksgiving even hits, it makes it much harder to hold back crazy Christmas lady coming out in me. A couple of days ago I went through our closet that is overflowing with seasonal decorations. Like a giddy ten year old girl, I pulled out all my Christmas boxes and decor. Because Sean likes to let Thanksgiving have its time to shine, my boxes are sitting in my den just waiting until November 28th. 
This year, I really wanted to make Christmas reflect my personality throughout our home. Last year was our first Christmas together as a married couple so I was just ecstatic and decorated with every color under the rainbow. So this year, I want to make guests walk into our home and feel this overwhelming feeling of coziness and like they are in their own home and I want them to see us through our decorations.
Where do you go to get that inspiration? Pinterest of course :)

When describing my home, I would say that is has a lot of southern, rustic and modern charm. So when thinking of our Christmas tree this year, I wanted just that. Southern, rustic and modern.  
Yesterday I went to our huge local park and filled the back of my car with pine cones, branches and large wood chunks, seriously my back patio looks like a tree completely exploded. These trees are so inspiring with all the burlap, golds, browns and the branches + pine cones will add such a rustic look. 

What is your Christmas tree inspiration for this holiday season?


  1. So so cute! We're newlyweds and this is the first Christmas we get to spend decorating our apartment. Granted we have minimal decorations - but I've found some thrifting! So excited for it.

  2. Now I want to put up my Christmas tree tonight! Eeek! Love this inspiration!