November 21, 2014

Better Life Bags // Giveaway.

Happy Friday sweet readers!
This week has been a bit slow here at Sincerely, Lo.
Finals are coming and I have have a list of assignments and projects to finish. The end of school semesters are literally the worse.
Can I get an amen?
Luckily Christmas break is right around the corner which means the semester will be DONE and Christmas shopping will begin! 

To bring a bit of joy on the beginning of a crazy weekend, I have teamed up with some of my blog friends to help you win in an incredible giveaway! With Christmas quickly approaching, this little giveaway is just perfect for a gift (or even a gift for your hard working self!)
Stripes and leather are two things that are guarantee to make me swoon. When you combine them into a bag created by a small handmade business who loves Jesus, it makes the swooning go overboard. All of the bags by Better Life Bags are very well made and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.
The best part about it? You can even design your own Better Life Bag online and pick your own fabrics and everything! SO neat!
In order to spread some Christmas cheer your way, I have teamed up with these sweet ladies to give one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate to use towards one of these gorgeous bags!
All entries will be verified so play fair! And enter to win below! :)

November 14, 2014

Christmas Tree Inspiration.

Currently it is 25 degrees here in my hometown. With it becoming winter before Thanksgiving even hits, it makes it much harder to hold back crazy Christmas lady coming out in me. A couple of days ago I went through our closet that is overflowing with seasonal decorations. Like a giddy ten year old girl, I pulled out all my Christmas boxes and decor. Because Sean likes to let Thanksgiving have its time to shine, my boxes are sitting in my den just waiting until November 28th. 
This year, I really wanted to make Christmas reflect my personality throughout our home. Last year was our first Christmas together as a married couple so I was just ecstatic and decorated with every color under the rainbow. So this year, I want to make guests walk into our home and feel this overwhelming feeling of coziness and like they are in their own home and I want them to see us through our decorations.
Where do you go to get that inspiration? Pinterest of course :)

When describing my home, I would say that is has a lot of southern, rustic and modern charm. So when thinking of our Christmas tree this year, I wanted just that. Southern, rustic and modern.  
Yesterday I went to our huge local park and filled the back of my car with pine cones, branches and large wood chunks, seriously my back patio looks like a tree completely exploded. These trees are so inspiring with all the burlap, golds, browns and the branches + pine cones will add such a rustic look. 

What is your Christmas tree inspiration for this holiday season?

November 10, 2014

Advent Devotional // Giveaway.

"chestnuts roasting on an open fire"
Yes, I'm singing it already.
Can anyone believe we are already ten days in November and just short weeks from Christmas?
This year has been going so fast but now we are rapidly approaching the most wonderful time of the year.
Am I one of those annoying people who brings in Christmas too early? Perhaps. But this is my theory, Christmas is too wonderful of a time to only celebrate for 25 days. Dont get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving with family and friends but something about Christmas just makes the days so brighter and our hearts leap with joy.
So, to bring in the Christmas spirit, today I have teamed up with the lovely Jenni from Frankly My Dear and some other incredible blog friends. To kick off this week and the upcoming holiday season, we are all coming together to make this season mean something extra special.
Advent is a special time of year & it begins in three short weeks. To celebrate we are giving away one Naptime Diaries Advent Devotional + Calendar. The devotion is a 25 day interactive workbook that walks through hope, love, joy, peace, & purity leading up to the Christmas holiday. In addition, the calendar prints that accompany the devotion will bring cheer ANY time of year.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
In order to participate, all you have to do is enter in each category above.
The giveaway ends on Friday night so be sure to enter quickly :) 

November 7, 2014

Fall Photos in a Cotton Field.

A couple of weeks ago, Sean and I won a contest from the lovely Mandy Lea Photography. Basically, the contest was to comment on posts and share her page information on Facebook. Afterwards, your name was entered into a random shuffler. I was incredibly amazed that Sean and I won this contest. First off, I am never one who wins anything. I could be in a contest with myself and somehow someone else would win. But seriously, this was a huge blessing for me. I had wanted photos for our first year of marriage and with photographers only raising their prices in our hometown, it was something I was having to save and save for.
Seriously, were talking $ 350 just for a basic package...

I absolutely loved shooting with Mandy. She is so cheerful, fun and she turns the shoots into a wonderful time. She did everythig so perfectly and she shot natural photos which I LOVE. I ordered three 18x20 canvases on Groupon last night and I cant decide on which three to pick (recommendations appreciated) Mandy is also doing our Christmas card photoshoot in a couple of weeks which I cannot wait for
(if you would still like a card, email me at
Oh, and please ignore my squint eyes yall. Seriously, I dont know why I can never keep my eyes wide open for photos. But we always get a pretty good laugh at it :)

 Nothing warms my heart quite like looking back at sweet moments captured by photography. One of the reasons I love doing it so much is because I can capture these memories for others. Even if its a quick shoot in a hayfield or a goofy shoot dancing in the streets, its remembering a special time in life with the ones who are loved the most.
Mandy, thank you again for capturing our sweet moments with your incedible talent :)

November 5, 2014

Stitch Fix // Vol. 1

Let me start out by saying how much I love Stitch Fix.
If you have never heard of this little site, go now!
Basically, you fill out a style profile and they send you clothes (when you want them to be sent) according to your style profile.
You come home, find a box on your door and you know it is about to be a happy mail day.
Try on the pieces. The ones you love are to keep and the ones that are not so loved will simply be sent back...with no shipping charge! You can also send your stylist specific notes on a "theme" to pack. This is great if you have a wedding or photoshoot coming!
It is such a blast to me because others are picking out things I normally wouldnt pick for myself.
 This first piece was a precious heart blouse that was loved immediately. Who says you only need to wear hearts for Valentines Day?
 The second piece was this green cardigan. I am almost certain that this is the most comfortable cardigan I have ever worn. It was so soft and warm, but I hated the color. I love green but I wasnt 100% for this green. I hope that makes sense. So this little sweet cardigan had to go back.
 Of course, I had to take a photo with my little guy, Boots.
 Now this dress. I loved the pattern but yall, it made me look so stinking awkward. My shoulders looked massive and it simply wasnt flattering on me. But again, the pattern was precious. This piece was returned.
 The fourth piece was a pair of boyfriend jeans (which are always so comfortable!)
Unfortunately, they were really long and had to be rolled. Since it is getting closer to winter, I dont want pants I will have to roll because I will turn into an icecube (no exaggeration)
 I actually went back to my style profile and requested that jeans not be sent only because 99% of the time, I have to find super short legged jeans in order for them to not drag across the ground.
Short legs for the win.
The last piece was this adorable blouse. It was definitely my style and it was such a comfortable material that could be worn year- round.

Stitch Fix definitely didnt dissapoint. I am so excited for my next box because I have left my stylist a note to send Christmas/warm colors for our Christmas card photoshoot!
P.S. Would you like a Christmas card from the Flowers family?

Which pieces would you keep? Have a Stitch Fix? I would love to see your reviews!

November 3, 2014

November Goals.

I can't believe I am even typing out the word "November"
October was a month that flew by but it was probably one of the best months this year. It was full of blessings, laughter, new beginnings, wonderful friends and an incredible, loving Lord who is always so present.
Taking a look back at my October goals 
1. Post my October Stitch- fix.
Coming this week!
2. Learn how to knit
Knitting needles and yarn have been purchased!
3. Learn how to cross- stitch
My new favorite hobby yall
4. Take a camping trip
Posting soon!
5. Take a road trip
My sweet best friend and I took a wonderful trip to Nashville!
6. Have a bonfire
7. Carve a pumpkin
How did I not do this??
8. Enjoy a hayride
It was a hayride with blankets, but I will count it :)
9. Dress up for Halloween
Taylor Swift, a nurse and a Dunkin Donut!
10. Have a photo-shoot
Posting soon!
11. Become an expert in Photoshop
(It can happen?)
Well, I am learning
12. Help others in need
There were small things that I did to help, but I wont consider this one marked just yet.
13. Change my blog space
Coming very soon!!
14. Start exercising regularly again
Ehhh...working on that.
15. Continue working on my little project
(more coming on down the road)
Overall, I would call it a pretty successful month!
November goals:
1. Start knitting.
2. Complete another cross-stitch to post.
3. Finish The Best Yes
4. Start getting things together for Operation Christmas Child box.
5. Help with my first giveaway
6. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving
7. Find a good static reducing hair product
(seriously, yall should see my bangs. I look like I was struck by lightning)
8. Journal all throughout November on what I am thankful for
9. Become serious about meal planning
10. Create at least three of my DIYs on Pinterest
11. Start getting all the Christmas decorations together
(Yes, d├ęcor goes up November 28th!)
12. Purchase a Christmas tree.
This month, I am not making myself plan any serious goals. One thing I love most about November is slowing down and well, being thankful. Sometimes it is easy to let things pass by but November is definitely the month that reminds me to stop and take everything in. The good people, the sweet moments and the unforgettable memories. This month, I plan to enjoy than to get caught up in the busyness of life. I cant wait to spend a holiday surrounded by my handsome man, my wonderful family and my sweetest friends.
November, you will be so grand