October 20, 2014

Life // Resting.

Some days I truly feel like I do not know the term "resting"
My life schedule is a little busy. I work full time at a pharmaceutical company, I attend full time school where I am earning my management degree and I also squeeze in time for my husband, family and friends.
Some days I feel like I stretch so much that I hardly have time to spend with myself.
This morning, Sean came home from his tour around 6 a.m. He is currently asleep and now, I am in the den with a warm blanket and some fuzzy socks.
Today, I am feeling rested. I placed a vacation day in at work and today, I am enjoying the little moments like these where I can completely focus on myself, my blog and my Lord. As I am laying on my couch I hear the water dripping in the kitchen and cars driving by. It is my perfect kind of quiet.
Sometimes I do not value the moments of needing time to be alone. In a way, it is like a refreshment. I have to feel rested in order to show the best side of myself. Sometimes on the weekends, life will be so packed with events that when Monday morning comes around, I am not 100%. I feel a weird sense of incompleteness. When I see the house is a mess, homework is piled up and blogging is falling behind, it makes me feel helpless. Those feelings then carry out throughout the whole day.
I am currently reading and doing a bible study on The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. I admire this woman and her writing. This book is so evident in my life that I think she has been spying on me for the past year. She reminds me to stop making to do lists, to stop feeling anxiety over the small things that do not get done, but to appreciate moments. To appreciate life as it is than what we think it should be. Through reading this book, I always think of Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." But that is just it, BE still. Slow down your schedule and be still in the Lord. Honestly, there are times when I put The Lord on the backburner. I feel a desire to dive in and spend time with Him, but I let it pass. I tell myself that I will get to it after I clean the house or do whatever task I "need" to do. But then after that time happens, something else comes up, or I am too tired to keep my eyes open.
Resting within yourself and resting within the Lord are two ways to bear fruit and share that fruit with others. If I am not rested within myself, I cannot be my cheerful self because I am too focused on my to do list. If I am not rested within the Lord, then I cant find peace in any situation at all.
Today, I am feeling refreshed. This weekend, my best friend and I took a girls trip to Nashville. I highly needed that little trip to admire the fall seasons approaching and to see an all new atmosphere rather than the to do list atmosphere I have at home. Today, I sit on my couch and feel rested. I spend time with The Almighty and I am just sweetly humbled by His presence alone. I spend time making blog plans and catching up on reading posts. Today, I am ready to put down my never ending to do list and simply enjoy the marvelous works of His hands.


  1. This is so encouraging. Those moments of peace and tranquility truly are important and all too often taken for granted. I've heard great things about Lysa's new book, The Best Yes, and we gifted it to our boss for boss' day last week - she's loving it so far! She, too, is just stretched way too thin and becoming overwhelmed by taking on too much.

  2. Yes! I feel like saying no to things is in the air! (Just read my latest post) ;)
    I love your little feet peeping out at the bottom of the photo....too cute!

  3. I love this post. So well written, I'm a newer follower of yours!

  4. I think a lot of people don't really know how to rest nowadays. The culture we live in really emphasizes staying busy, and that claiming "busy-ness" is something to brag about. Very encouraging post.