October 13, 2014

Life // Thriving

Life. A time when things can go from a normal, everyday, slow routine to a new, unexpected and fast routine in just the blink of an eye. Well, that is my recent story...
If you have been following this little blog for a bit, you may have noticed I have taken a break for about a month. It hasn't been easy staying away from this spot but I know it would be best for me to stop, regroup and come back to blogging during a time when things somewhat start to slow down.
So during this past month, the Lord has really taken Sean and I on quite an adventure. Sean recently joined a band with some of his friends and we have been sent through a crazy, yet exciting time. This band has been around for about two years but Sean recently took the place of another guitar player and let me just be honest and tell you, this band is way more than I expected it to be. They practice for long hours during the week, they are playing shows back to back and this weekend they will be traveling on a tour. As much as I want to be selfish sometimes and ask him to just stop, I know it would be so wrong of me to do so. See, this band is a full blown ministry. These guys are creating songs and proclaiming the name of Christ in all they do. Last Thursday they played a show in our hometown and someone actually ended up becoming a follower of Christ that night. That is the reason these guys do this, that is the reason I cant ever tell Sean to stop. Someone trusting Christ and being saved is SO much more important than Sean and I sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter marathons.
I have struggled the past couple of months. I went from a wife that had a husband home every night to a husband that I feel like I hardly see. It has been tough on us both, but the Lord truly provides comfort at the perfect times. The vocalist of the band has an incredible girlfriend that has literally become my best friend in the past month. She is so on fire for Christ and if I didn't have her, I am not sure if I would be able to handle Sean being in the band. She provides so much strength and support for us both, I actually think we are the same person. Now, it is so much easier. I really had to learn how to transition myself from wanting to be selfish and wanting him to just be home. Of course its still not 100% easy to think of him on a tour all weekend but I feel so much more peace and I have so much more understanding of why it is important for me to stand up and support my husband with this. The Lord constantly shows His love and constantly relieves those times when it gets tough. I love seeing Sean living a life where his main focus is on others hearing how good the Lord is, how He constantly pours and pours love into us.
Besides the band life, everything has been pretty normal. We have become more involved in our church and we love it more and more each week. I have started working in the nursery with the sweetest, sweetest and sweetest babies I have ever met. There is nothing more relaxing and fulfilling then to have those precious babies smile when they recognize you and reach up to be loved on.
Baby fever so high right now.
Sean has started going to the high school area with his best friend to possibly start helping in leading the HS kids. So as usual, our church life has been beyond incredible.
My photography life has taken a small break but recently, Sean and I have pulled out the camera and we are both so ready to get back behind it again. This time, rather than doing it individually, we are taking on a new approach of starting something together. We both love photography too much, so that would only make sense. I have started looking around for another camera to use along with our one 5D Mark II (because I definitely do not have the funds pouring out for another one) I'm so excited to post some things soon!
As for my little blog, expect to see some changes happening so, so soon. I am about to create a new space because I am feeling that things are way too outdated here. It feels wonderful to be back to blogging. I have missed my community and I am so thankful for continual readers, emails and comments even through my break.
YOU are the absolute best!


  1. Your life is SO BLESSED! Although I can only imagine how hard it is for your husband to be gone so much now, but for him to be spreading the word of God and bringing people to Christ is absolutely amazing! And it's so awesome that y'all are very involved in your church. I pray that I will get to that point soon! And, I can't wait to see what your new blog space will become! :)


  2. So so thankful for you, sweet friend! It's good to have you back but I'm proud of you for taking the time you needed and soaking up the shift in season. Love ya, girl!