September 5, 2014

Life // Confessions

One. I am learning how to be less selfish.
More will come on this story later but its definitely a quality I am trying to grow in. It involves giving up much time with my husband and that does not come easy for me. We both have such a crazy schedule between our jobs and my school so giving away even more time with him is not fun. But, its for the right reasons. I feel really dumb not telling the whole story but for now, it will have to wait just a bit. He is truly following God's will and I couldn't be more happy for him. Now my job is to be as supportive as possible and remember that He always have bigger and better things planned.
Two. I confess that I am way too grumpy in the mornings.
Good grief. I am not a morning person (my husband and dad can totally agree to that) It takes me a good hour for my normal self to come out. I need my coffee and morning devotion before I can be any sort of cheerful. I am seriously needing a serious morning attitude adjustment. Can I get an amen??
Three. I confess that I have eaten way too much junk food this week.
As you know, school started back and there has been a lot of snacking for dinner than actual meals. This snacking includes chips and salsa. I can definitely feel my body needing real food and nourishment by Friday.
I've come to the conclusion that school is so unhealthy yall.

Four. I confess that I only want to make a meal plan full of soup and chili.
I cant stop swooning over fall being around the corner. I'm working on transitioning my closet to all fall/ winter than spring/summer. The house decorations are up and now I just need to light all my fall candles and purchase those yummy smelling pinecones. Plus all the talk about fall football is getting to me. I will admit, I could care less about football. Sure I will go to games and watch the games, but basketball is what makes me act like a crazy, screaming, nutty fan in the bleachers. But I love having fall football playing in the house (I make so much sense right?) It just makes things to festive, sort of like playing Christmas movies at Christmas time.
Five. I confess that I am a horrible worker on Fridays.          
At my job, three other ladies and I are in our own large cubicle. These ladies are seriously the best that I could ask to work with. We all love to relax on Fridays and it makes for not getting much work done. We have our own "fabulous Fridays" where we order pizza and decorate our cubes. So yes, we are all horrible workers on Fridays but we sure know how to relax and bring in the weekend.
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Have a fabulous weekend sweet friends!


  1. YES to one, four, and five. (At least!)

  2. i definitely read that "i am learning to be selfish" hahah
    ok back to being serious - selflessness is so important, and so lacking in today's culture. so kudos for pushing ahead and making a change starting with yourself - we can all be more selfless.
    i also want just meals of soup and chili (WITH BREAD!)
    i am also a HORRIBLE working on fridays. it is just bad!

  3. Beautiful photo!
    And honestly, I cannot picture you being grumpy! Haha

  4. I am grumpy almost every Tuesday morning for some reason! It's ridiculous. I've started pretending that my Tuesdays are Wednesdays and it has changed my mood drastically. How weird is that? Ha.

  5. Seriously, that picture is wonderful! And I am trying to do the same, being selfless is sometimes a hard thing! I absolutely love your blog and followed you on GFC. I tried following you on blog lovin' but the link won't work! If you could relink it I can try to follow you again! If you want, you should stop by and follow along as well!

  6. Oh YES! I am way too grumpy in the morning-- gahh! Thanks for sharing this:)
    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished