August 7, 2014

Photo Update // Vol. 4

I am beginning to realize that I am a pretty lucky girl when it comes to my husband modeling for me. He never gripes, he never gets annoyed, he just lets me tell him what to do and he does it.
Thank goodness.
On Tuesday, I was having my usual need to pick up my camera. So we went to Midtown area next to a gorgeous art museum and took photos.
Afterwards we went to my parents house, which I like to think of as"the farm."
There are animals everywhere (which I just love) and this little guy is a stray kitten who is a little timid of people.
There is also this stray pup (called Nancy) that hangs around their house. Luckily, their neighbor adopted her and she now has a forever home. She is just precious as can be.
Nothing fancy, just a little update. If I begin to drive you nuts with so many updates, let me know
I apologize in advance.
P.S.- Still learning how to color, don't judge me :)
You all have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. Lauren these are beautiful!!! That pup is SO sweet. Love this update and please please keep posting pictures :) They're beautiful! And so glad you have a husband who will model for you!

  2. your husband is such a good sport!!! and what great pictures of him!
    and the cats, AHHH THE CATS! so cute!

  3. Haha your husband is the sweetest! Tell him he looks really "cool" in all those pictures! ;)

  4. What a good husband! I'm pretty sure my husband would love to be in front of the camera every day - it's when I ask him to take a bunch of photos that he complains. Yet, he still does it so I can't complain!

  5. great shots Lauren! You are so talented sweet friend!! :)