August 25, 2014

Life // Updates

Hello sweet friends!
If you read some of my previous posts, you know that August has just been a bit overwhelming. Why? I'm not exactly sure but it seems like a lot of ladies were feeling the same way around our little blog community. So, I took a week off. It was unexpected but it was much needed. I studied deeply in the word, I did things that needed to be completed before school starting back and I just enjoyed relaxing. Today, I am feeling SO refreshed and ready to go. BUT there are still many emails and comment requests I am sending so please be patient :)
Church has been pushing and pushing me. I just love it. I continually grow prouder of my church and I wish I could send everyone here to attend a service with me. They are the most loving, generous and spirit filled people I have ever seen. On Friday, Sean and two of our friends will be attending a high school football game. This school is an underprivileged school in our city and our church just pours out love for them. We will tailgate, wear our best football attire and just scream our heads off for this team. Seeing everyone come together and reach out to our community brings so much joy to me. Our city is definitely tough sometimes and sharing love like this is what will help it grow.
My husband. My goodness my husband. He is blowing me away. He is leading and challenging me more than anyone or anything ever has. He is putting everything he has into following Christ and he is just perfect at doing it (bias?) I have grown such a new, deeper relationship with him in the past month than in the past six years. He has such a love for everyone he sees and he does all things through Christ. Of course he has been like this for as long as I have known him but I think there comes a point in someone's life when the relationship with Christ really becomes a reality and hits hard. For the past two months I have seen him pray harder and grow this new relationship with Christ than he had before. I am so thankful for him and he continually makes me so proud to be his wife.
School started today and my classes already seem crazy yet fun. I am ready to dive deep and do the best this semester. I cant believe my years of college are coming to a close ending but I plan to make the most out of my last semesters. Because of the class craziness, I will only be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It will be a better choice for both my blog and school :)
My followers. You are all incredible. I could repeat it ten times. I have received more encouraging emails and comments in the past months and you ladies literally make my days. I never thought I would have such a connection with blogging and I never thought I would build relationships like I have. You following means the world to me and I mean that with every ounce I have. To think that someone cares about my little posts and cares about my little life. You all are just precious to me!
My blog will have some future changes coming soon. Like I said, I'm going to focus on getting in the hang of school but after things calm down, I plan to start my sponsorships and get a new look for this space of mine. Two things that I am SO excited about!
For today, just a small update for me. I feel like it was better to explain things going on the past week than say nothing at all. I hope August is getting easier for us all and just remember, September and new beginnings are just around the corner.


  1. Keep on keepin' on with school! Hopefully the semester goes by quickly for you =) I am getting my masters degree this fall and can't wait to be done!!!!