August 29, 2014

Happy Fridays.

Do you ever have those days where you feel so overwhelmed with blessings that a smile wont leave your face?
Its one of those days.
So thankful for days like these.
As I sip down my perfectly brewed French vanilla coffee, I simply focus my thoughts and praises to God. I sit in awe just thinking of this life.
Honestly, I wish I did this everyday, but sometimes the selfish part of me takes over.
I normally have a very hectic morning routine. I wake up an hour before work, get ready in about 20 minutes and then I'm out the door, on the interstate and getting just as much road rage and frustration built up like everyone else around me. I live in a city where they think something needs to have construction done every other year, so yes, that really adds to the chaos.
Driving the interstate in the morning would put me in a mood I didn't want to start my day out with so a few days ago I decided to try a new route. This new way is all on the back roads where it is much less traffic and super relaxing. It reminds me to slow down. Sometimes we need to do something so simple as just changing our route in the mornings to start off a morning praising Him and reminiscing on all our blessings than yelling at others who cant hear you and constantly being uptight from the traffic backups.
This morning I drove to work on my new route. The sun was barely breaking through the clouds and there was a gorgeous gaze over a field where I saw a family full of some huge deer. For some reason things like that just get to me. I am the easiest person in the world to please and just seeing things like deer in a field in front of a beautiful sunrise just makes me swoon.
Cheesiest person right here
But I love it. I love that small things like that can make me be thankful. Once I think of one blessing, I start going onto another and another.
I don't deserve anything. But Christ continues to give and give. We live in a world where we think we aren't blessed. We think our lives are torn apart and we are poor because we don't have a certain car, we don't live in the most expensive neighborhoods or because we strive to get by. But let me tell you, if you have a relationship with Christ, you are beyond rich. You have more than this world could ever give you.
I often think of celebrities who take their own lives. They have anything they want at their fingertips, but yet they are still unhappy. You can purchase your dream car tomorrow but I promise after a few months, you will be looking for something else to satisfy you.
Without Christ, there is no way to be fulfilled.
This is something that has hit me on the head pretty hard the past few months. There have been trips that have been canceled, things that I would get frustrated with Christ about, but just this past month, it has literally amazed me at why these things happened. He is showing me why things happen like they do because He always, always has a bigger and better plan (more on that later)
I have learned to slow down, to seek, to have faith and to praise. I feel like this has been the repetitive saying on my blog for the past month but it is something that I am being effected by so I cant help but to write about it.
Remember to be content. At the end of this life, what will matter? No car, no amount of money, no purse, no job, none of that. The only thing that will matter is your relationship with Christ. Strive to live for Him. Focus all your attention on His face and accept the blessings that are given. Don't let them pass by because of greed.
Stop and look around you this weekend.
Stop and only seek Him.
Tonight Sean and I will be attending a football game with friends at school in our city. As you may have read on my last post, our church has a partnership with this school and they have these Blue Out events every year where we tailgate, wear blue and cheer on this team while we fellowship with their families. I am ready to have fun, encourage this team, slow down and look at the blessings around me.
To have my husband by my side with friends and family surrounding, He continues to amaze me.
 I am so thankful to be overwhelmed by His presence today.
Psalm 105: 1
Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
    Let the whole world know what he has done Lord


  1. I love this Lauren!
    Thanks for your encouraging heart and attitude in wanting to have a positive and Christ-centered perspective!
    Have an amazing holiday weekend!

  2. Beautiful post! I know I need to slow down and enjoy the blessings of my life. The Lord has blessed me more than I deserve. Thank you for the encouraging words.

  3. I've had a few of these sorts of days, lately. What a blessing they are!

  4. Great post, I definitely need to slooooow down sometimes and just listen to The Lord. Lately I have been frustrated over things that have gone awry, or plans have fallen through, but then I see how God worked it out for me, so neat to see how He makes things come full circle.