August 1, 2014

August Goals.

August. Can you believeeee we are already in August??
 It just blows my mind because I remember New Years like it was yesterday. Although this year is literally flying by, we are approaching one of my favorite months that begins all my other favorite months. School will start back soon, Sean and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary, my toes will be in the sand with the huge ocean by my side, hiking trips, we will start to smell pumpkin pie, we wills see the colorful leaves, then BAM Christmas!!
so, so fast yall
I was taking a look back at my July goals and overall, I was pretty satisfied.

July Goals:
1. Read a random book
2. Continue to build our savings
3. Have a yard sale
4. Do a month long Bible study on Proverbs
5. Make a pack list and finish making plans for our anniversary trip in September!!!!
6. Continue with my wardrobe capsule ideas
7. Join a life group within our church
8. Take a day trip to the country
9. Create a new idea for a blog layout
10. Try leading a middle school girls ministry in our church
11. Continue to eat healthier meals
There were a few things I didn't get to but I can easily put them in with my August goals.
August Goals:
1. Read the Harry Potter series
2. Continue to meal plan
3. Do my first link up
4. Push myself to keep running
5. Make a pack list and finish making plans for our anniversary trip. NEXT MONTH!!!
6. Continue to build new ideas for a blog layout change
7. Expand my lipstick collection
8. Think upon the idea of starting sponsorships
9. Continue to grow in my photography
10. Study my Bible in a deeper way than before
So there we are. A fresh, new month.
Isn't there something about a new month that makes us extra cheerful inside?
August, I'm excited for you.


  1. OCTOBER!!!!!!! I am so excited I can't stand it. I love a new month. It's only 3 months until the best month though!!!!!

  2. Love these goals girlfriend! Here's to a new month and accountability! I am posting mine on Monday!

  3. These goals inspire me girl! My goals are going up Monday as well :) And good job getting all those July goals done!

  4. Yay! I love these goals Lauren!
    And I agree with the sentiment of wanting time to SLOW's going crazy fast!

  5. I hope you will have a lovely month of August ! :)

  6. AH! Hans and I are listening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook right now. He's never read them before but I have, so it's so much fun to share it with him :)

    Also - I'm so excited for you to go to the blogging retreat in October!! YAY!

  7. snap read the whole HP series this month? GET IT! I'm currently on book 5!
    I love your august list! (and look how much you crossed off of july!)