July 2, 2014

July Goals.

Happy Wednesday ladies!
I still can't get over the fact that July is here. Seriously, WHERE is this year going?? Its flying by so fast but it has been one of the most fun and exciting years yet...so I can't complain :)
Since I took a break from blogging for the majority of June, I did not put any June goals up. So here is a look back at my May goals.

May Goals:
1. Complete the contentment challenge for the month of May
Seriously, such a great experience! It really made my shopping more meaningful and not so "splurgy"
2. Become a member at our new church 
3. Check into doing a mission trip
Fingers crossed for a wonderful mission trip next year with our church!!
4. Have a coffee date with my sweet friend Rachel from Oh, Simple Thoughts
Seriously, she is the sweetest!
5. Read a random book
6. Build our savings for our house fund
7. Have a yard sale 
July Goals:
1. Read a random book
2. Continue to build our savings
3. Have a yard sale
(Lined up for July 19th!!!)
4. Do a month long Bible study on Proverbs
5. Make a pack list and finish making plans for our anniversary trip in September!!!!
 (Yes, I am that annoying OCD trip planner)
6. Continue with my wardrobe capsule ideas
7. Join a life group within our church
8. Take a day trip to the country
9. Create a new idea for a blog layout
10. Try leading a middle school girls ministry in our church
11. Continue to eat healthier meals
(Sean and I have been doing great so far with our healthier eating and it feels incredible!)
July has always been one of my favorite months. As I stated on my weekend recap, July really begins the summertime for me. It's just perfect with all the fireworks, warm sunshine, the smell of sunscreen, catching lightning bugs in mason jars. enjoying those long summer nights and seeing all the patriotism marked throughout our city.
Love, love, love
July, I am SO ready for you


  1. Love these! Sounds like it will be a great month girl! :)

  2. Can I just say that I love the fact that you seem like you have such a strong desire to be involved in your church. It really shows your love and dedication to the body of Christ, and that you recognize how important it is. That's so awesome! I'm encouraged by that.

  3. Love these goals!! You are inspiring me to build my own list!!


  4. I'm planning to do a 31 day study in Proverbs in August! I can't wait to see how yours goes :) As far as book suggestions go, here are my top right now: Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers (the author of Redeeming Love, and if you haven't read that one you should!), Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, Edge of Honor by Gilbert Morris. Enjoy!