June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap.

Good morning sweet friends!
Sweet summertime is officially here. Fireworks have started sparking over the skies. The warm air makes for some long nights outside. But if you live in west TN, you are probably still drying off from this weekend. Seriously, we had more rain this weekend than I have seen in a while.
I was basically looking out the window and waiting for Noah to float by.
BUT other than the tons of rain, it was a wonderful weekend!
On Friday, Sean and I had a date night and went to eat at our traditional go to spot, Colton's. If you are ever trying to decide on a place to go, go to Colton's. It is yummy southern food with a wonderful southern charm to it.
Which is probably the main reason I really love it so much.
After Colton's, we went to Target to pick up some things for the house and then headed home to just relax and watch Grey's Anatomy.
Yall, I am HOOKED on that show and now I even have Sean asking if I want to watch it
On Saturday, Sean went off to work while I planned to do nothing but sleep in. After I woke up, that was when I noticed the great flood starting outside. Normally on Saturday mornings, my mom, sister and I will either lay out in the pool, go to yard sales, or just go around to stores or whatever we feel like doing that day. With all the raining, the pool definitely wasn't happening and no yard sales would be worth going to. But this weekend we had already planned to go to the local farmer's market.
and who would let a little rain ruin that :)
-please excuse the no makeup day. only my perfect sister can pull that off-
 - are these crosses just perfect or what?? after about ten minutes of trying to make up my mind between that one on the top right and just a regular red chevron one with a burlap flower, the chevron one was the winner and now makes my front door just precious-
-seriously, this stuff is SO GOOD-
-fresh, fresh peaches-
After the market, I went home to store my fresh corn, fresh peaches and organic beef. The market also had a little craft area where I purchased my cross from. Needless to say when I got home, I was feeling super crafty. So I turned on Grey's again (intervention coming my way?) and started painting a bookshelf and finishing a sofa table.
It felt wonderful just relaxing and painting all day. After Sean was off work, we ate dinner and continued having a relaxing night. We hardly ever sit at home so on the nights where we can just relax in our pajamas and watch movies or shows together, they are ultra special!
On Sunday, the great flood seemed to be even worse. We woke up for church and it sounded like the rain was going to cave through our roof. But we got up and headed off to church. Service was wonderful as usual and our preacher did a sermon on being content. Its seriously so crazy but beautiful to me how God literally takes things and throws them at you when you need it the most. I cant explain how much I needed to hear that sermon and yes, I intend to do a post on it soon :) After the sermon, I did this thing we have in our church called a test drive. It is when you test out the many areas we have in the church of where you want to serve (such as kids ministry, guest services, administration, etc) So this weekend I was signed up to shadow a baptism coordinator. Basically what a baptism coordinator does is takes the ones who want to be baptized and we show them the tank and let them feel the water to make sure they are comfortable. We show them the dressing room and we have dry towels for them after they are submerged and come out of the tank. So, these two precious little girls had decided that they wanted to be baptized that day and it turns out, my lady I was supposed to be shadowing wasn't able to make it to church. So I basically had a super quick walkthrough of what to do and I was left on my own. Now, showing them the tank and such was the easy part. But, sitting with the families and waiting for the baptism calling was the difficult part. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to show them scripture or talk with them about any certain thing. So yes, I felt just a tad uncomfortable and I apologized to the parents because I literally had no idea what the baptism coordinator ever talks about. But, the important thing is, I led the girls to the tank and after they were baptized and coming out of the tank, this girl was there with their fresh towels.
But luckily, the guy who gave me the quick walkthrough said I did everything just right and there is no script that I have to say to the families. So that helped a little. Next week I am trying out middle school ministry which I am SO SO excited about. I have so many places I want to serve and its definitely going to be hard choosing just one.
After church, we went to our traditional McAlister's lunch full of cheddar cheese soup, sweet tea and yummy sandwiches. Afterwards, we went home and just relaxed a bit more. With it being so yucky outside, we really didn't have a choice but to stay inside most of the weekend. I was getting pretty bummed because each year, we go to a huge fireworks show at a local church.
Actually, I am pretty sure our whole hometown goes.
But with all the rain, I was definitely expecting it to be canceled or down right disgusting to go. But luckily the rain had stopped and the fireworks were still on.
We met up with some of our fabulous friends and we had such a fun night.
I always feel like these church fireworks are the official start of summer ahh :)
We arrived home around 11 last night and needles to say, I am pretty sleep exhausted this morning.
But, it is always worth the fun :) 
How was your weekend??

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