June 23, 2014

DIY Project // Distressed Chair

Happy Monday sweet friends!
Is it just me or is this a wonderful Monday?? Normally Mondays are seriously my worse enemy. Early mornings, back to work and four days until another weekend.
But today, I'm feeling fresh, renewed and ready for the week.
- I blame it on sleeping in until 10 both Saturday and Sunday -
Not a normal for me but sometimes I truly believe our bodies just need rest :)

I am pretty stinkin excited about today's post because nothing gets me more excited than redoing some furniture!
Something about sitting on the porch in the summertime with some sweet tea, my favorite tunes, tons of furniture to paint and my husband's company just makes my heart full :)
So with this piece, I did just that! On Facebook, I am a member of many different pages where people sell various items like clothes, furniture, baby items, etc, etc. One day a lady posted that she was Spring cleaning and had a ton of items that she wanted to give away for free. I talked with her about the items and picked them all up after work. To my luck, she had this chair. I love the style of the chair and I immediately wanted to get home so I could get my hands on it.

If you do furniture remodeling, ALWAYS...I repeat....ALWAYS check at Lowe's for your paint! Here is a little secret that I will share with you.
- Well, most of you probably already know about it. But when I found out, I thought I was the coolest person in the world -
If you go to the paint section, there is normally a shelf to the side of the register where they throw allllll these cans of different paints and stains. They are all misprints and seriously, it is where I rack up! They mark these misprints down to only $ 2.50! ONLY $ 2.50! Compared to a normal price at $ 13.00 a can (quart size), this is a major happy day for me. So yes, the color I chose for this chair was a misprint that I had purchased at Lowe's. Oh, and yes, get the quart sizes for furniture. Even when I do large pieces, I have plenty left over. Much cheaper than a gallon size, much easier to store, and just better.
So, without further ado.....

P.S. I am horrible at before pictures so by the time I remembered, some paint was already on.
Yall, I just get too excited

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. This was my first time doing a distressed piece and according to my husband and parents, it was perfect!
- But they are supposed to say that right? :) -

I posted this on one of my resale groups and it immediately found a new home with a sweet lady. 
Bless her for taking it so my house can stop looking like a place of extreme furniture hoarding. 

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  1. I love it! The color, the distressed look--perfect! Great job, girl!

  2. Super cute! Great job for your first time distressing a piece of furniture.

  3. Haha- furniture hoarding!
    So cute! I love this piece that you did! The color is amazing!
    I used to work at a hardware store while in highschool- and the mixed up paint colors were a STEAL! Definitely the way to go!
    You are inspiring me to try to paint some furniture sometime!
    I am glad that your Monday is off to a good start!

  4. I love that color! :) Glad you're back to posting!!

  5. So adorable! Do you have a site that you sell these things on?