May 7, 2014

Be Content, Always

I feel like I find myself saying "remember to be content, always"
Maybe not on a daily basis, but definitely on a weekly basis.

This morning as I was reading one of my favorite blogs, it hit me. Victoria from Happily Ever Strader shared about a blogger who came up with a contentment plan and I am so, so thankful to Victoria for sharing her post!

Nancy Ray shared this post on a little challenge she took for three months in order to be content. Basically, there is no shopping and no random splurging but to focus on scripture and a heart of contentment....for three whole months. I'm going to be honest, I need this. I am not one who truly has a shopping problem but I sometimes find myself putting things in my basket which are clearly unnecessary.

I love the way that Nancy explained it in her post

All in all, I wasn’t content in my life. Even though I had a happy marriage, a wonderful home, a business I love, money in the bank, my health, a wonderful church... even though I had (and still have) "it all," there was this nagging, awful feeling inside me that said, “Nancy, you need this ________. You won’t be complete if you don’t have this __________.”  (You can fill that blank with just about anything.)

Now I'm not saying this is going to be easy. Come on, a girl loves to shop. 

Of course, this isn't to stop shopping for the necessities such as groceries, this isn't to stop purchasing gifts for someone and this isn't to stop all coffee dates with friends or date nights with my husband. This is for those true unnecessary things such as the newest Target dress, the newest pair of shoes or the cutest pair of earrings. I know a lot of motivation and self control will be playing a big part in my life the next few months. 

I read how changed Nancy felt at the end of her challenge. She felt as if she was a new person, a content person. She saved money, she cut that unnecessary spending, she actually shopped for groceries at the grocery store than Target (which is also a weakness of mine). She strayed from checking the sales racks and the online galleries. Her focus shifted from the outward appearances (such as clothes and decor) to what she was accomplishing (at work), feeling (healthy and energized from exercising) and spending her time in (reading a good book, date nights with her husband)

I want that. I want to shift from these outward appearances and focus on what is inward. I want to feel Christ teaching me all about contentment for these next three months and I can't wait to see what I will gain from this. Nancy also quoted her friend's thoughts on this challenge which gave me a much deeper insight to why doing this challenge is so important.

"...let me preface it by saying this:  this is not about rules.  It’s about doing what God has been urging me to do.  If He puts it on my heart to buy something for a good reason, I will do just that.  Like Jesus healing people on the Sabbath, this is not about following guidelines just for the sake of guidelines.  God is bigger than rules.  It’s about fasting from something that I feel is keeping me from a deeper relationship and understanding of God’s heart."

Oh and while I am posting a challenge for the month of May, I will also go on and post my overdue May goals :)

1. Complete the contentment challenge for the month of May
2. Become a member at our new church 
3. Check into doing a mission trip
4. Have a coffee date with my sweet friend Rachel from Oh, Simple Thoughts
5. Read a random book
6. Complete my summer classes with all A's
7. Build our savings for our house fund
8. Have a yard sale 

If you would like to follow along or join the contentment challenge, be sure to comment below!



  1. I feel like all of the words that you wrote were from my own mind. Man, I feel like this is something I really need to pray about and consider. Especially lately. I feel like Spring just made me want so many things that I honestly don't need!!

    Thanks for this share!

  2. What a good idea. Sometimes we think we are content when we are not. Where we spend our time and money really tells how content we are!

  3. Contentment....such an awesome topic. I love this idea! With being out here in wilderness- it's somewhat easier with the shopping- but there is definitely online that's a temptation!
    That's for this challenge Lauren!