May 16, 2014

Coffee Date // Vol. 2

Coffee dates. 
One of the best times to catch up with friends, share each others lives with one another and make new memories. 
My dear sweet friend Rachel from Oh Simple Thoughts invited me on our first blogging coffee date back in April and it was such a wonderful success! So many stories were told, so many people were comforted and so many friendships began. Seriously, I love these coffee dates and I love meeting so many wonderful new people :)

If we were on a coffee date, I would order a hot chocolate. 
The reason....I am currently freezing. 
Rather than the traditional "how are you doing?"..."Oh, I'm great" responses, we would dive in deep. We would really, really share what is on our hearts. That's why I love these links with one another, we all really learn each other!

Today, I am feeling wonderful and honestly, I feel like I have a lot to talk about :)

School is finally done for my Spring semester. Even though I took a very small amount of classes, it was one of my toughest semesters yet. I finished with the grades I wanted and I am feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ten pounds lighter. However, I did sign up for a summer class in order to graduate earlier. This one should only stress me out a pinch and make me feel five pounds heavier ;)

If you read my post on being content and breaking a bad habit, it has been going better than I imagined! I only made this new decision to not "splurge shop" since May 7th, but it has already felt wonderful! Really focusing on the things I need rather than the things I want has made such a difference. The ladies who have tried this challenge before definitely had it right, I feel absolutely no need to shop. I can easily walk in and out of Target without even caring to look at the clearance rack or the newest shoes. Money is being saved and I am so joyful for this challenge!

God is so good. Seriously, so so so so good. Lately, I have felt an abundance of love, encouragement and challenges. Just when I think my relationship can't get any deeper, He pulls me deeper and deeper.

As I have talked about a million times (it seems) Sean and I finally found our church home and it has been WONDERFUL! Starting June 1st, we will start taking our Growth Track classes in order to become members of this church. Seriously, we couldn't be happier. I long for my church. On Fridays, I am more excited about going to church than the whole weekend that's in front of me. Let me be honest, I haven't been this excited to go to church in a long, long time. I wish I could explain more of how I feel but if you love your church, you know just how I feel :)

I have been re-reading the book of Matthew this month. Not only is it my favorite book, it is definitely where I learn the most. I love hearing the stories of Jesus walking through the streets to teach. I love learning the meanings of the parables and the beatitudes. I love reading about the strong faith Peter had as he walked across water. I just love it all. It gives me such a reassurance that He is in control.

Marriage is simply so, so wonderful. Seriously, I love my guy (sorry for my parents reading) He is so perfect and to have someone who supports me, no matter how crazy my idea can be, is such a great feeling. Before we were married, we were together five years. Now, we are somewhat close to being married one year. But I feel like we have really learned so much about each other just in the past few weeks. I have always had a problem with communicating which has caused issues in the past. I have let my communication barriers down and we are doing better than ever. I am so thankful for his patience and I adore marriage. It is so much better than I ever imagined and I know it will only become more beautiful. 

Projects and more projects! My creative mind for re-doing things has been running again! I have two chairs I will remodel this weekend, a tire I plan to experiment with and I cant wait to share them all with you! As always, I blame it on my Pinterest. That site inspires me like The Pioneer Woman inspires me to be a good cook (ONE day!)

My crazy schedules are growing to be more crazy. I work full time. I attend school full time. I am about to volunteer part time and hopefully start something else part time. So, as if I have more room to add something else, I have been striving and striving for something I have wanted to do for quite a while. 
My sister plays volleyball at the school I attended in high school. I was always a major volleyball lover. I played since 3rd grade all the way to 12th grade and probably should have proceeded to college (but those girls are way tougher than I am) Any who, I have been begging and begging the principle to let me be an assistant coach for the girls volleyball team. I absolutely adore my sister and I would love nothing more than to help these girls with a sport they love. I want to be a sister figure to them all and help with not only by teaching volleyball, but to help comfort and be a shoulder whenever they need one to lean on. 
Prayers that I get this position would HIGHLY be appreciated :D

Photography! I was forced to take a bit of a break since school was so crazy. But that semester is over, the weather is warm and the days are long. This lady is ready to get back to it!

In this refreshment post, I talked about my nursing home volunteer program that I hoped to start. I am so happy to say that I was accepted to volunteer at (my opinion) the best nursing home in my hometown. My grandma actually attended this nursing home for a bit and I had always loved it. I am still waiting on all my background checks to come through and I will officially be loving and caring for such adorable elderly people!

For me, that is all of what is happening in this little life of mine. All random things but all random things that I am so excited to do and share with you! I love these link-ups and I cant wait to read the posts from all of you who joined along! 

Oh how I wish more than anything that all of us blog ladies could rent out a Starbucks and have one giant, real life coffee date! I was so blessed and able to meet with Rachel last Saturday while she was visiting my hometown. If you love her from her blog, you will love her way more in person! She is such an inspiration to me and I am so glad to call her my friend! 


  1. You are so encouraging! Love hearing what is going on in your life! Congrats on being done with school and spending more time with your hubby! Love hearing that people are loving marriage. It is simply the best gift. Wish I could just meet you in person and we could talk for hours over a lovely little coffee date. Maybe someday! Thanks for sharing girl!

  2. So glad things are going well for you and that you found a church home! That is exciting! I am starting a Matthew study in June and I am pumped. Praying for your class this summer.

  3. I love hearing about all that you are involved in! It gives me encouragement to keep on keeping on in all the things I get myself into. :) Life is busy, but it is a good busy and I love to hear about the joy that you have staying involved in your sisters life, your job, and your new church!
    Also, I love how excited you are about your new church home. I know the feeling of being excited for church the Friday before! So happy for you! :)

  4. aw! Friend! It seems like there are so many wonderful things going on in your life right now. I'm so happy for you! What a joy it is to see the Lord work so much in your life. He is good! :)

  5. love this and you....but girl, your schedule. I do not know how you do it...actual I do, the grace of God because all you guys do is impossible on your own! Praise the Lord for the self control in your spending he has granted you! He is so good! Thanks for linking up and sharing Lauren. Hope your week has been awesome!

  6. You sweet lady! Loved hearing about life lately for you!

    How fun that you might be able to help coach volleyball! I am a HUGE volleyball's the best sport!

    And, I love hearing how sweet marriage is for you right now. I am so blessed by all you bloggers encouraging me in loving our husbands!
    And- I have told you before, but I am thrilled that you found a home church! Yay for jumping in and getting involved!

  7. It's so nice to get to know you better & deeper though this post! I'm so jealous of your little blogger meetup ;) But for reals, if y'all go to Alaska, I'm coming with you! Haha. I'm just like you, I thrive on a busy schedule and seem to always be taking on something more. Prayers for your position! I also love volleyball, I played in high school and have always thought that coaching would be so fun!

  8. What lovely ladies! And your heart is simply wonderful :) I love getting a glimpse of it! I'm a hot chocolate gal myself, and what I wouldn't give to gather all of us around steaming mugs of it for a heart-to-heart. Praying rest and refreshment over you, dear! <3

  9. Love the girlie date and hot chocolate! Nothing better :) Chocolate and friends.

    By-the-by: Your blog has been nominated for the Liebster award by Moments Divine. Just click the link below to find out more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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