May 13, 2014

Checking In

Writers block.
Something I feel any blogger can relate to.
A time when we stare at the keyboard with few words to say. A time when we think and over think to the point of thinking no more.
Totally feeling this now.
For the past two weeks, it has been one of those dreaded blogging times of nothing. No recent posts, no updates, nothing.
I want to be that person who can post everyday with a new topic. But right now, that's just not happening.
I hate it. 

I finally finished my spring semester of school and in a couple of weeks, my summer semester will begin.
Maybe being done with school is causing my crash.
Maybe going from such an insane schedule between working and doing school full time, to cutting it in half and being able to relax after work is causing my crash.
Either way, I don't really like it.

Yet, there is a small part of me that likes it.
I enjoy leaving work and going home to actually lay on the couch. I enjoy the feeling of being able to spring clean throughout our home. I enjoy not feeling like I have to be committed to blogging at this certain time for this many hours. 

As I posted in this post, Sean and I found a new church home. Since we have started, it has made me want to be involved and do bigger things. I'm not sure if that involves mission trips, bigger things for this little blog or what. All I want to do is keep my eyes in His word and listen. . 

I am almost 99.9% sure that you ladies know just what I am talking about. If you have any tips, please share. One day I hope to be an everyday blogger than a two times a week blogger. Either way, I hope you ladies stay and enjoy this little spot of mine :)


  1. Love your honesty dear! I feel that ALL THE TIME! So much truth in what you said! I sometimes have to ask myself why I am blogging and it helps me remember the real reason. I love reading your posts girl! Especially ones where you share your heart like this one! Have a beautiful day! Praying for you! :)

  2. Oh girl, we all go through dry seasons....AND seasons where marriage, church, school, and family are more important than blogging and that's okay!
    I am here to stay and to keep on reading for whenever you post! I am always glad when I see a post from Sincerely Lo pop up on Bloglovin'

    If you need some inspiration.....
    1. Take a few days break.
    2. Schedule what days you will post....Monday thru Friday...or maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays, Or just every Wednesday, find what works for you and having a deadline may help.
    3. Go to the library and bask in beautiful writing.
    4. Go somewhere new....try a new restaurant, coffee shop, etc.
    5. Post what YOU know. You can't try to be an expert on things other gals are blogging about...but you can tell us YOUR story, and that's my favorite thing to read about anyways!

  3. I love love love your blog! You encourage me with your transparency and your journey through school. I'm in school too so it motivates me to read about your hard work! :)

  4. I'm so glad y'all found a new church home! That's great! I understand what you mean about kind of enjoying not feeling pressured to post a certain amount a week. I know that if I never started blogging, I'd have so much more hours in the day and I would probably have a cleaner house. Ha!
    I agree with all of Amy's tips above.

  5. AWWWWWW. Don't feel bad about a writers block. I actually find it astonishing how people can find things to post a kit everyday. I honestly post whenever I want to. I don't haven't schedule and rarely have a writers block....if there's nothin new then I simply don't blog! Ha

  6. I've been in writers block rut for months now! I hate it too! But I think I finally realized it's because I had myself way too limited on my blog topics and I needed to redefine what it was I wanted to write about. So now I'm rebranding. Which brings about the opposite problem of too many topics and no idea where to start.