April 16, 2014

Wife cooking on a Wednesday

Cheesiest post title ever? I thought so too :)

Today I wanted to share a little recipe with you because it is fabulous and I just have to share the love.
My sweet friend Victoria blogs over at Bible and Baking and posted this wonderful recipe one day.
(seriously, check out this girl's blog. She has a huge love for Christ and she is one amazing cook! I just want to sit in her kitchen and learn her ways)

If you know me, I don't cook much. I don't know why but I have a hate/love relationship with cooking. I guess I am worried I will be a really bad cook? Who knows. But when I cook, its like a super special day in the Flower's home. Horrible I know! Sean loves to cook so normally he cooks the dinner for us. But we were just blessed with him receiving a new job a few days ago. He will be working late a lot of nights so now I will take over the cooking. (As I should be, I KNOW!)

This recipe was perfect for me. It was simple yet so delicious! It is a simple mix of peppers, onions and sausage

Step one: Ingredients
1. 1/4 to 1/2 of an onion
2. Two bell peppers. You can use any color but I picked my two favorite, yellow and red
3. Olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of your pan)
4. Lawry's Seasoned Salt. 
5. Lemon Pepper Seasoning
6. Uncle Ben's Roasted Chicken Ready Rice
7. 1/2 a can of peeled tomatoes. I used diced peeled tomatoes but only because it was an accident. Victoria     used whole peeled tomatoes which I would recommend for this recipe. 
8. Polska Kielbasa. YUM!

Step Two: Chop your peppers
You can chop them any way you would like rather it be a long way or a short way. 
After you chop up your peppers, you want to then chop up your onion. 
Step three: Olive oil
Next, you want to coat the bottom of your pan with olive oil. Then throw in your bell peppers and onions. Let them cook on a medium to high heat but remember to stir frequently. 

After about 5 minutes, add in a good sprinkling of your Lemon Pepper Seasoning. This stuff is so delicious! If you have another seasoning that you prefer, try that as well! 

Step four: Chop up your Polska Kielbasa
 Again, you can chop this up however you would like. I decided to go with thicker pieces. 

Next, put your Polska Kielbasa in with your bell peppers and onions. Polska Kielbasa is already cooked through so all you have to look for is a little brown sear on the meat. 
After you put your Polska Kielbasa in with your peppers and onions, add in your Lawry's Seasoned Salt. 
It compliments this meal so well!

Step five: Add in your tomatoes
 After cooking the meat, peppers and onions for a few minutes, throw in your tomatoes. Since mine were diced, I put a good amount in there (a bit more than half the can) 
Again, I would go with the whole tomatoes instead. 

Step six: Add in your rice. The easiest part. Just open the bag and pour it in! 
It takes no time at all for the rice to cook through. 
After you throw in the rice, let everything cook and simmer together for just a bit. 

And TA-DA! 
It makes one colorful, quick and YUMMY recipe! It took me about 20-25 minutes to cook. 
Husband ate and ate some more so he definitely approved.

 Step seven: After your bellies are full, snuggle with your husband and sweet kitty on the couch.
If you have any wonderful recipes to share I would LOVE to try them! Hopefully I start to gain a love relationship with cooking. I think it is a fear of my food being horrible or giving my husband food poisoning. Tips, tricks, share your ways ladies!



  1. Girl, this recipe looks delicious!
    I LOVE lemon pepper too! Can't go wrong with it!

    Bell peppers....I could snack on those babies all day!
    My sweet husband is completely grossed out by them! Weird, I know!

    Love this post! Whenever I post recipes, it encourages me to be a better cook/baker. So, it's a good motivation!

  2. Oh my goodness!! This looks absolutely AMAZING! This is definitely my kind of dinner! Can't wait to give it a shot! :) Thanks for the recipe share dear! :)

  3. Ugh! I can just smell the bell peppers and onions on the pan RIGHT NOW!

  4. YUM! That looks delicious, I love quick meals and satisfying meals like that!

  5. That sounds pretty tasty!! I cook for us nearly every day, but I don't love it, so recipes that are pretty speedy are just my style!