April 22, 2014

DIY // Chairs.

I love home decor. I mean I LOVE home decor. I constantly move furniture around to make our home look fresh, I constantly think of new décor ideas for our home and I love taking junk-y furniture and making it beautiful. I love decorating and making a cold space into a warm, cozy place that I like to call my home. 

If you think you may like the idea of remodeling furniture, GO FOR IT! Seriously, I just started remodeling an old china cabinet one day for the heck of it...and now I cant stop. I am constantly paining or coming up with new ideas for every single piece of furniture I have.
Also, if you are wanting to start remodeling furniture, go to some yard sales! Don't worry about quality. Most of the time when I buy pieces from yard sales, they need some tender loving care with some sandpaper. But, yard sales are a great place to find all types of furniture and it is always so important to stay in a small budget!

These two chairs I purchased at a yard sale about a year or so ago.  I paid only $ 7 for both which I thought was a steal!

What you will need
- chairs that need to be refurbished, painted and made beautiful
- sandpaper to make the chairs smooth
- any color paint that you would like (just go for the quart size, you will have plenty!)
- any fabric that you choose
- a screwdriver to take the seat off of the chair
- a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat cushion
- your favorite tunes to listen to
- oh, and a glass of sweet tea. because you can never do a project without it :)
Starting out, they were old looking with horrible seat fabric. Just blah and boring. But, they only needed a good cleaning and I was able to get to work pretty quickly :)
PS- Please forgive me for my lighting. I have no idea what was going on with my camera. 
First, I removed the seats from the chair. If you have a chair you have been wanting to fix up, this is very simple. Just take a screwdriver, flip the chair over and unscrew the bottom screws. 
 I am pretty sure it took me thirty minutes to pick out a paint color. 
I am one of those people who will take ten minutes to order at a fast food place because I think it has to be the perfect choice. 
Yes, horrible.
For this, I just chose a small 32 oz can of a very, very baby blue. To some it may look white unless you really take a hard look at it. 
I then took a trip to Hobby Lobby for some fabric. It took me what seemed like 40 minutes to pick out fabric. But they have SO MANY CHOICES. So I had an excuse this time :)
After the painting, I let it dry and then took a staple gun and surrounded the existing fabric with the new fabric. Sometimes, people completely throw out the seat and start fresh with a new seat but the seats on this chair were in great shape so I felt no need to completely start over with a new seat.  
I LOVE the way the chairs turned out!
 They now have a new home in our very front room. 
.....and then my OCD self had to do something with that small table in the middle.
Plus, who doesn't love some pale pink?
PSS- Also, please excuse that light outlet back there. Currently searching for new ones
PSSS- For some reason my lighting made the chairs look splotchy and unfinished on the bottoms. Please ignore :)
There you have it sweet ladies! Super simple and a wonderful first project to start on!
Thank you so much to Stasia for allowing me to share my DIY today!
I would love for you to head on over to my lifestyle blog and travel along with my husband and I as we take on this huge adventure that we all call life :)



  1. love this Lauren! They look great! :) I am huge fan of trash to treasure too...looks great, and usually always saves you money!

  2. So pretty! These look fantastic! Good job on sprucing up something old and outdated to make it really beautiful and modern! :)

    I need you to come to Alaska to help me on some projects, sound good? :)

  3. Wow this really is from trash to treasure! You made those chairs look trendy and brand new...wow! They look so good there too! Is that in the living room?



  4. GREAT job! I feel super inspired to do this now! I LOVE home decor as well! :)

  5. Beautiful! You did an amazing job! What a fun project!

  6. I love what you did to these chairs! I have a chair similar to these that I need to recover and you've given me so much inspiration! So happy I found your blog : )

  7. Ah! So inspired by this project!! They look awesome!