April 15, 2014


 Do you ever have those days where you need and crave to write...but you don't have a particular subject to talk about? Feeling that today. And its totally okay :)

Lets call it a picnic date if we shall (because its warm and coffee is for the cold right?)

Lately, life has been smooth sailing. I am feeling reassured to stop thinking about controlling things myself because Christ always knows what is best for me. I am holding, clenching, squeezing on to Him with every plan throughout my life. And I absolutely love it. He has given me such a relaxed feeling at this particular moment in my life and feeling close to Him is the best, most gratifying feeling in the world.

With Easter approaching, I am really diving deep and taking time to focus on what the true meaning of Easter is. Sean and I have been asked to attend church with a group of our friends this Sunday and I cant wait to fellowship with one another. I cant wait to sing praises to Him and remember how special Easter is. I simply want to praise and praise more. 

I have been having baby fever spurts again. The thought of starting a family so young is sounding so pleasing to me. 

Lately I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and going with my own little "say yes project" thanks to my sweet friend Amber from mr thomas and me, Yesterday I was asked to be a model for a wedding show coming to town. To get my hair and makeup done. To walk around wearing bridesmaid and wedding dresses. It sounds like a dream to me because I am literally obsessed with wedding dresses. But it is way out of my comfort zone. I am no model and I have zero idea of what I am doing. But after reading Amber's blog for so long and her say yes projects that she completed, I immediately said yes. Something new, something exciting :)

Jesus Calling. The most beautiful daily devotional I have ever read. I have to make myself put it down and not go on to the next day. If you have never heard of this devotion or read it, please go get it now. It literally feels like Christ is talking to you and you forget that its just a book. Seriously, go right now. 

My little sister has been melting my heart. Yet, seeing her grow up makes me want to throw up. I feel like she is my own child sometimes and I will probably be a wreck when she graduates and leaves for college in a few years. Our relationship has been so strong the past year. Even though she is almost 16, I can see that she has an old soul in her which I adore. She has such a strong love for others and she inspires me to be a better person. Her relationship with Christ is growing stronger day by day and I treasure the heck out of that girl. The world better watch out, she is going to be the best doctor anyone has ever seen :)

The weather (except for yesterday with all the storms) have been beautiful down here in the south. Spring is finally approaching and for the first time in months, I just stopped and laid on the concrete. It was so refreshing to feel the sun beaming on my face. To feel the crisp wind as it blew my hair. It was perfect. People that drove by probably thought I passed out or something. But hey, I couldn't stop myself :)

I have been walking or running every single day for the past two weeks. It has felt amazing! It is time to let all the winter splurge eating, hot chocolate drinking go away. Time to get healthy and refresh. 

With a new season approaching, I want to enjoy the simple things more than ever. I want to chill out with stressing over this world and want to be sure I treat each day as a gift. I want to take more photos than ever and start scrap booking the simple events in life like bike riding on sunny days, picnics, our walks in the park, etc, etc. They may seem a little uneventful now but I know later on I will treasure every moment. 

Oh and one particular subject that touches my heart. My neighbors have a five year old little boy. I supposedly am his girlfriend and he brings me flowers (weeds from his yard) everyday. 

This may be the most un-eventful and random blog post ever but I am already feeling better for sharing my thoughts on this little blog here. Thank you for following me and sharing your friendship. As I always say, you ladies mean so much to me and thank you for everyone who is a new follower. Love you all! 


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  1. I find your posts so encouraging! This is how I feel so much of the time and I love that you shared this! :) I also want to focus on simpler things and sometimes wish we could go back to simpler times. Thanks again! Love your heart girl!

    1. Thank you so much sweet girl! I am so glad you are inspired by the posts! I am inspired by you ladies being inspired. If that makes sense? :)

  2. Love your sweet heart Lauren! :)

    I understand the baby fever spurts! :) Definitely hard to keep them in check sometimes!
    And- that's awesome about modeling wedding dresses! You will for one, be totally gorgeous! And for two.....you'll have such fun! :) I am totally jealous!

    And, that's awesome that you are going to volunteer at a nursing home! When we were little, my mom MADE us go to the nursing home every Tuesday to help the elderly with bowling- and I remember HATING it....but now I am SO glad she had us do that. It was so valuable!

    1. Hah I am SO glad I am not the only one having these spurts! I was thinking they would go away but everywhere I turn, my friends are having babies. That must be the cause of it :)

      You are too sweet! I am a little nervous because I have never walked a runway so Im thinking about falling and looking awkward of course haha!

      Oh girl, I remember going to nursing homes when I was little too. Back then, I just wanted to get out of there because I didnt know any better. But now I crave to be in there helping everyone. But bowling with them....that had to be a trip!! :)

  3. Love you girl! I can definitely relate to the baby fever. Mine comes and goes in spurts as well and always love how after ever spirt, god quietly reminds me that it's not time yet. I'm still in school as well and believe me your right...going to school and working is not going to be fun when you have a baby.

    And I'm so glad your sister is on fire for Christ. I can imagine having a big sister like you, she has a great example to see.

    And you could totally be a model, you are gorgeous....there is a reason she asked you to model, silly!

    1. and I love you sweet girl!! Oh the baby fever. Its like a cold that never goes away! Cant say that I am complaining though ;) Going to school plus working plus a baby?? There is no way I could do that right now. Its definitely in our best interest to wait and give our baby nothing but 100% attention rather than school!
      You are seriously so so sweet! I cant wait to post on how the model thing goes. You will probably get one good laugh haha!

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  5. Even though this post might be "random," I love it. I love your honesty and willingness to share the little things and the big things in your life! Jesus calling is amazing. Also baby fever, I am so up and down with this one. But most days I want to wait a long time. But there's nothing wrong with wanting kiddos while you're young!

  6. I just started following your blog and I simply love it! I'm new to the blogging world and it is so fun connecting with other women who love and strive to live for Christ. You're posts are so encouraging! :)

  7. A picnic date, I love the sound of that! I wish we could really camp out on a blanket by the lake and chat, friend. Now that the sun has returned to Seattle, I'm hoping to get back to running. I hibernated all winter and it's time to rejoice in the day the Lord has made! Hearing about your trust in Christ and his plans is so encouraging. I am such a planner and need to learn to surrender more willingly. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and that is what I desire.