March 4, 2014

Transitions for the 23rd Year. of the most exciting days out of the whole year
A day we feel loved, appreciated, important and spoiled
This Saturday I will be turning a whopping 23. For some reason I feel like I should be turning 26...23 seems so young right? Is this my old soul coming out in me??

As I get older, birthdays are more about transitions to me. Transitioning into another year of becoming a woman, a better wife, closer to becoming a mom....and with this birthday, I really want to focus more on these transitions.
(These could also be included as my March goals) 

1. Become healthier. This winter has been a rough one for me. I have done little exercise between school and only wanting to stay under the covers for warmth. I have eaten out more times than I wish to think about. I have eaten way more sweets than I want to mention. I really want to change this. I need to be healthier for myself. I want to run, I want to eat the meals that make me feel great and I want to say NO to chocolate cake (a little unrealistic?)

2. Be more content. The older I get, the more I get to see how blessed I am. Oftentimes, it is hard to forget about these blessings. I want to be content. I want to only see what I have, nothing that anyone else has. I feel like this is something I need to remember over and over. I could put a sticky note on my head that says "always remember to be content."

3. Better myself in school. Seriously, this is a big one for me. School has beaten me up so far. I am in my upper degree classes and I have crammed so much into my head about becoming a perfect manager, how to do give interviews and more calculus than I ever want to see in my life. I want to better myself with school. I want to push myself harder and really do the best I can do with these classes.

4. Help others. I feel like I often let these opportunities go. I want to help others. I want to volunteer and be a shoulder to lean on for someone else. I want to build relationships so nobody will feel alone. Nothing is better than helping someone because as I have said before in my AprilRAVEs post, you never know what anyone is going through. Helping others will change something inside of you and only make you feel happier with yourself.

5. Be more dream driven. A lot of times when I think of something I really want to do, like photography, I am the first one to criticize myself the hardest. I will think, no matter how hard I practice, I will never be as good as this person or that person. Luckily my hubs has my back for this one. He constantly encourages me with photography and keeps my spirits high. I want to practice and practice and follow these photography dreams than shoot them down.

5 topics to think of as I enter another wonderful year of life. 5 topics to grow as a better me.
23... I am ready for you. 


  1. Lauren- I am so jealous! I have told people for years I can't wait to be 23....and I quote "I think it's gonna be my prime year!" will be my golden birthday next year when I do- and it will be fun to be the age I have been really excited about!
    But yay for YOUR birthday! I love all these goals that you set for yourself....I too love birthdays as a time of transitioning into a new year for yourself. I love your #5 about being Dream Driven.....stay encouraged friend! Like I have said before- I love seeing your passion for photography- and I know you are gonna be awesome at it!
    You look super cute in the photo with the bike! Hope your birthday is all you hope for, and a lot more! :)

    1. Amy, you seriously brighten my day! Lets make 23 our prime years!! haha! You are so sweet for always encouraging my photography. Friends like you mean so much to me!!

  2. 23 is a great one! love that adorable bike! Happy Birthday to you a little early, hope it is such a great day and that you feel so loved! xoxo

    1. Thank you sweet girl! My husband and I got these bikes from his mom and they will be our "summer fixer uppers" haha. Thank you so, so much friend :)

  3. Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl! What a great idea to set goals on your birthday- its like your own personal new year:)

    1. Girl, you are the sweetest!! Thank you so so very much :)