March 14, 2014

The Flowers Home // Inspiration Board.

Do you ever get that strong urge to decorate and do it over and over again?
I have that urge almost everyday. 
Anyone know of a perfect job to decorate homes all day??

This week I have really been focusing on my den area. It is where our company spends the most time and therefore, it is the most important room for me to keep "perfect." 

My den purchase list:
- new tv stand
- new couch
- sofa table
- new flooring 
- some sort of chest to put in the awkward spot of our den

Small list with large costs. As I have mentioned, I am all about saving the money so I have been saving up in my house budget for a few of these items. The first ones I want to conquer are a new tv stand and a new sofa table. Totally wanting new floors too but we are waiting until we purchase our home in the next few weeks. EEKK :D

 We have a larger sectional in our den and see that sofa table peeing behind? LOVE
Looking for a similar style to this, only dark brown. 
As always, I check with Target first. This is actually a bookshelf but I like the idea of it being a tv stand. Plus it is 30% off right now. 

This is the original tv stand I wanted but considering the price difference and the one pictured above, not sure if it is my first choice anymore :)

I cant wait to take photos and show you all. I also am planning a little "what I purchased for our home today" post for all you ladies who are looking for home decor. As soon as I am off work today, I plan to hit Target for a tv stand and perhaps a thrift store for a sofa table. 
Any ideas on where to purchase some items for good prices?

Also, for all you sweeties who have asked about Sean, he is doing great! The infection is out of his bloodstream and his hand is almost completely back to normal. Yall are the best!



  1. You be a successful interior designer and people would pay you big bucks for making homes beautiful. Now if that's not a dream job, I don't know what is!

    Besides target, ikea has super cute, trendy, chic stuff for a decent price. Hope you have a great weekend!

    How's your hubby doing? Did your cat get grounded? Haha

  2. Definitely check IKEA! Or just go there for date night.....:) Love that store!

    I am glad that Sean is doing better!

    Can't wait to see the finished project Lauren- keep us posted! :)

  3. Isn't it so fun to have your own home to decide exactly how you want to decorate it? So liberating and exciting. I love all your inspiration pictures!! So classy! Hope you had a great weekend!