March 20, 2014

A little baby talk.

I have been asked by a lot of you ladies about our baby plans. Between all the questions and our families constantly urging us to have babies it is :)

All you married ladies ever have random hits of baby fever? I do a lot. But between a full time job and full time college, I already lose enough sleep. Plus, Sean and I have only been married for 6 months. I really think it is important to spend time with your husband and cherish time together first. 
However, I have plenty of friends who had babies at the beginnings of their marriage and they absolutely love it. Nothing wrong with that. It is all an opinion and personal choice. 
I see babies as an absolutely beautiful creation and blessing from Him. Babies are perfect and I want to be fully prepared for ours. I want to give all my time to my husband and baby. Not school, not work...all family. 

BUT, I do see myself preparing for our first baby...on like a daily basis. 
Does that make sense?
I constantly catch myself making decisions based on our little family we will have one day. Sean and I were looking at cars one day and I had to check the back seat to make sure it was secure enough for a car seat. I throw most my paycheck into savings so we will be more financially prepared. When searching for our second home, I want a huge backyard where we can have tea parties (fingers crossed) or spend hours playing with toy trucks. I want a big tree for a swing and the list goes on and on. Plus I can't wait to see my husband be such a loving dad. It makes my heart melt thinking about it.
You married ladies know just what I am talking about! 

Also, Pinterest only makes things worse for me. I constantly see things like this:

....and I'm all like OKAY IM READY!

But then I have to snap myself out of it.
So when will we start our little family? Not sure just yet. I plan to have all my kids by the time I am 30
(23 as we speak so I am good on time right?!) 
Lately I have loved the idea of having 4 kids. Not sure why because in the past, I only wanted two. But the idea of a huge family sounds so, so wonderful. I know it would be hard work but to be a mom surrounded by a loving husband and four precious kids sounds like a dream. I always think of and get so inspired by this wonderful family who is very dear to me:

I mean seriously, how adorable are they?? Lets hope after 4 kids, I look as great as this lovely lady does! 

So yeah, that is our plan for now. I want to be the best mom and wife to my little family. I want to fully appreciate every middle of the night snuggle, every laugh, every tooth coming in...everything. I want a clear mind without the thought of this homework or that project due by tonight. 

Even though I am not ready at this particular point in my life, I am so ready for lovin on some babies :)



  1. love this! i have a permanent case of baby fever! my husband and i are going to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this summer (and i'll be turning 28!) so i think we'll start a family soon-ish. but i REALLY liked having some time just the two of us so we could travel together. :) so, don't rush! start when you are both ready. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. i am with you girl!! i have 4 kids on my heart, we will see!

  3. This is suuuuch a touchy subject for me Lauren! With all the baby / pregnancy posts going around, I feel like it's haunting me! I wish we could have 4 kids...God always provides but sometimes your dreams don't seem possible when you love in one of the most expensive places in the US and love in 500sq.ft! :(

  4. I am right there with you. After being married for 3 1/2 years, we are finally feeling like we're in a spot in life that we're ready to start trying. I had lots of friends recommend when we were first married to wait a little longer, just because once you have babies, you don't have that alone time to build your marriage in ways that are good. While I think I have always had the baby bug, I am so grateful for heading that advice, even when it was hard to.

  5. aw, take all the time you need, girl. at the right time you're going to make some lovely babies and be a great mom!

    I tell myself I want to wait a couple years to have the kiddos (because just like you said, I really do want to cherish this precious time with my hubby), but then everything around me makes me want them starting yesterday. In fact my "I'm Not Pregnant" board on Pinterest is my most pinned and fastest growing :\ We're getting ready to build a home right now and everything from the lot we are on to the floor plan to the color of the walls is all being planned with the idea of kids running around.

    Your post is literally my exact brain. Except we were thinkin three kiddos....who knows. Four would make it even ;)

  7. Sometimes it's hard to be happy with God's present reality for your life, but I'm so glad you are confident in the place you're at- that is so encouraging!