February 12, 2014

Think happy thoughts

 Currently laying in bed, freezing as I write this post. 
It seems no matter how many covers I have, no matter how deep I tuck my pants into my socks {attractive right?} I just can't get warm
If you are over in the US right now, you are probably experiencing the same feelings as I am. Unless you are lucky and live in Hawaii or Florida. 

Seems like this is what everyone has seen the past couple of months.  

Well, let me just take you to a happy place. 
Think of yourself right here on the beach, computer in hand, just blogging away. The warm sun hitting your skin and the warm, calming breeze from the ocean. A nice hammock to relax and take a nap in. No worries, only warmth and the noise of seagulls talking. 
Sounds like HEAVEN right??

Seriously, will summer ever come?
Sean and I are planning an anniversary trip to the beach this September. Honestly, I don't know if I can wait much longer. 
Turning into a snowman as we speak. 

How is the weather where you are? Hopefully warm and cozy :)


  1. I'll trade ya'll for the cold. It's going to be 81* here in Las Vegas this weekend. We go skiing in Southern Utah, and the resort we ski at will be 52*. That's not winter ski weather!!

    Let's trade ;)


  2. Boo.....Just sent my hubby off to work in -11! :(
    Way TOO cold!