February 23, 2014

Photo Update // Vol. 2

Good morning beauties!
Today I am very excited to post this photography update. This week I rented a 135mm 2L and took a zoo trip with Sean. This lens is incredible! I am trying to find some way to get it but $ 1000 for a lens is WAY out of my budget right now. 

None of these have been Photoshopped yet. 
These little guys will steal your heart! 
along with this baby that likes to play with her tail. Too much cuteness! 
 This photo I actually took on our last zoo trip. For this, I used my 50mm lens.
 Was the giraffe a perfect model or what?
I am very pleased with the way most the photos turned out. I plan to rent the lens again very soon because last night......my husband surprised me by giving me a Canon 5D Mark II camera!!!! Way more advanced than my Canon T3I so I am VERY excited to start shooting! I plan to start Photoshop in March and after some more practice, this lady will (fingers crossed) being doing some photography on the side! YAY!

What type of camera do you use? Photography tips, tricks? I would love to hear it all!



  1. Lauren, these are AWESOME! :)
    Loved looking at them! What a fun way to spend your day!
    What would you recommend as a starter DSLR camera?

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Going to the zoo is perfect for any day :) My first DSLR camera was a Canon T3i and I absolutely love it! Its very easy to shoot manually and a good price for a DSLR. You should definitely check into it!!

  2. Love these photos! Getting a new camera is so exciting!