February 18, 2014

The Flowers Home // Vol. 3

Happy Tuesday!
Hopefully you had a nice, relaxing Presidents Day weekend. If you are anything like me, Tuesdays are your favorites because of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS
Yes, I am obsessed. But its perfectly okay because my mom and sister are as crazy as I am. 


I have been meaning to post this post for some time now and I am so excited to share it with you! As I have posted many times, Sean and I have been remodeling our 60s rental home. I posted our first remodeled room that you can view right here. This room is our most recent remodel, our den...main room, whatever you would like to call it :)

This room started out as. a. mess. The walls are paneling and they were a horrible, dark brown color. The room was very dark 24/7 no matter how many lamps or windows I opened. The doors were also dark brown so I painted them white. There are two french-like doors that lead to our pantry. These I painted white but I have only done two coats on them because honestly, I am kind of loving the unfinished look of the doors. 
Still debating on that third coat. 

SO when we decided to paint, I wanted a very calm, neutral color that I knew would bring in a lot of light. I think this light brown worked perfect and I couldn't be happier.

Without further ado....here is our new look to the den.
I just noticed that I completely missed one side of our room that has a china cabinet I redid. Grrr. But like I said in my first remodel post, after we are finished with the kitchen, I will go back and retake pictures of some of the updated things like new rugs, throw pillows, furniture moved around, etc. I can completely love a room one day but change my furniture around the next. 
Annoying yes....but I like change :)

Now for some details!
- Throw pillows: Walmart, Ross and TJ Maxx! Budget ladies! I am all about the budget and these three places are the best to get pillows in my opinion. I purchased them all of my pillows ranging from $ 8- $ 16. Yes $ 16 is a little high but they are the down feathered, large ones. If you know of a cheaper place, let me know! (the smaller white pillow with the bow was a present from my mom. She purchased it from an antique store. LOVE)

- Curtains: I took a leap of faith with these babies. I took a trip to Target one day on a frustrated search. Before, I had these really red curtains in the den. They matched just fine but something about them annoyed the mess out of me. I wanted something with a pattern that wasnt so bold. I immediately fell in love with these baby blue curtains at Target and I never would have imagined I would hang baby blue curtains in my den. But I absolutely love them and they turned out the exact way I wanted them to. They were a little pricey though. They are $ 20.00 for one panel and I had to have four panels. Ouch. But I broke the purchased into separate weeks in order to stay within my "home remodel" budget. If you want these same curtains, you can click here to order them. They also have a burnt orange color that I LOVE! May have to have those for the office down the road :)

- Bookshelf accessories: I cant remember where I purchased the large black memories frame. I want to say Walmart? I purchased it before we were married and finally found a place to use it! Bird at the top came from Kirkland's for $ 8.00. Clear vase from Ross $ 3.00. When in doubt cross sign I purchased for $ 8.00 from the Spring Market that comes to our town every year. If it comes to your town GO GO GO! It is so much fun and very similar to the Southern Women's show. Its a tradition my mom and I have every year and it is seriously a blast. I cant wait to go this year :) The basket I received from a sweet family member. Frames I probably purchased at Walmart and the two decorative plates I purchased at Target on the clearance rack for $ 2.00 a piece. 

- Baby blue chicken wire frame: My dad and I actually made this together. Expect a blog post on a DIY this week :)

- Small table in the corner: Lamp I purchased from Target on clearance for $ 12.00. It was originally 
$ 25.00  but I wasn't going to pay that because I am the cheapest lady in the world....foreal. If you can see it, there is a small lantern lamp that I purchased at Walmart for $ 8.00. 

- Cross on the wall: I purchased this at Ross and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was only $ 8.00.

- China cabinet: The "you are my sunshine" sign was a gift from my mom. The bird cage I purchased from Goodwill for $ 2.00. When I purchased it, it was completely white so I got some gold spray paint from Walmart for $ 3.00 and sprayed it. The clear, glass picture frame I actually received from my grandma many years ago. I never wanted to take it out of the box because it is very heavy and it means a lot to me. I have just recently taken it out of the box for my favorite wedding photo. 

- Scentsy warmer: This one is called Amala and I may be wrong but I think I purchased it for $ 25.00. If you have never tried a Scentsy before, give it a try! Here is the latest catalog They are like safe candles that you can change the scent on over and over. Totally worth the money!

I hope I have covered all the small details. If not, let me know and I will be happy to point you to the right store with the right price :) There are still minor details I have left to do (like new doorknobs) but if you have any decor tips or tricks, be sure to comment below!!


  1. Tour home is BEAUTIFUL Lauren! I would kill to have a house like that....and so beautifully decorated....can you adopt me? 500 square feet gets to you after awhile. xo

    1. Yall come on over girl! I totally understand. We were about to get an apartment but we were blessed to have my grandparents old house for now. Hang in there girly!!

    2. Haha. I accept the invitation! ;)

  2. Oh my word! Your home is SO cute!
    It's so fun to make a cozy place to come home to every night!
    Is this you and your husband's first place?
    I have heard from tons of older married couples how special your first home as a couple is! :)
    Like Danica- our home is TINY....like really tiny!
    Our house tour is over on my blog at this link:

    There's a lot we have to "make do" with....but for real- we are SUPER blessed! :)
    Thanks for sharing your home Lauren! :)

    1. Thank you sweet girl! Yes, this is our first home! It was my grandparent's home and after they passed away, Sean actually moved in with some roommates and rented from my parents. After our wedding, I moved in and we were able to keep renting and we are in the process of buying it :) It is definitely a special place, especially since we are making it our own. Our home is only a three bedroom, two bath home so it isn't the largest on the block either. A lot of times, I think smaller houses are much more cozy and cute! I could never make myself live in those huge million dollar homes. Too much space!

  3. I love this space Lauren! Isn't it so fun to have a home to decorate completely with your taste and style? It has been so much fun making our old and quirky apartment into a homey abode! Love the Target curtains, we have a similar style shower curtain from Target!!

    1. Thank you so much girly! I absolutely LOVE doing anything that has to do with interior design so having a home to decorate is my cup of tea! You should do a post on your adorable home! Those are always my favorite posts that others do :) Is Target not the best?? When I was shopping for these curtains, I actually looked at the shower curtains and fell in love with one of the patterns. I stood there for five minutes wondering if there was some way I could turn the shower curtain into a living room curtain hah!