February 26, 2014

Photography Inspiration.

March is quickly approaching.....you know what this means??
PERFECT weather and LOTS of shooting for this girl !!!
As I posted on this post here, my wonderful husband has retired in his photography world for now to focus more on his school. He has gifted me with his divine Canon 5D Mark II professional camera. This thing is like a monster to me. I am used to my Canon T3i so this will be a new but exciting experience. 

My love for photography seems to grow more and more day by day. I can't wait to get to the point in my life where I can do this on the side. My dreams would be fulfilled. EEK!
Today on my Facebook, I requested for people to message me if they wanted free photo shoots done. I want to shoot anything...family, baby, senior, group....anything. Well, I had a huge hit and I think I have enough shoots lined up until the end of April! 

I have been creating a collage of photography ideas on my Pinterest and these are some of my idol photographer that I hope to shoot like one day!

Seriously, can this girl take some pictures or what?? I admire the mess out of her photos and hopefully ONE DAY I will be able to shadow under this photography goddess! 

 This girl is brilliant! Her and her husband shoot together (which I think is so adorable) and they are naturally perfect at what they do!

This girl ALWAYS amazes me. I have been in love with her photographer for a really long time and she is one of the sweetest people to work with!

 ^ I am actually doing a shoot with this sweet girl, Victoria, and her husband in March! Are they perfect together or what?? ^

Today plans: Get off work, go with my hubs to a good spot and practice practice practice so I can start thinking of that "photography name". A girl can dream right?!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE photography tips if you have any! Comment below :)



  1. These photos are gorgeous, some great inspiration! I've got the 5D MII and love it! I hope you get lots of shoots planned, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Photography is sooo fun! I would also love to be "good enough" to be paid to do what I love. :) Those are some great inspirational photos!

  3. Great photos! These are super talented photographers!
    Love hearing and seeing your passion for photography Lauren! :) Praying you get lots of great opportunities! :)

  4. Love it!! I wish we lived in the same city and I would totally pay you to take some photos of me and my hubby! This is so great, excited for you Lauren!