February 4, 2014

The Flowers Home // Vol. 2

Hello darlings!

Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with lots of Superbowl fun and food. 
If your anything like me, your totally only into the Superbowl for the halftime show and food. 
Am I right or am I right?
But seriously, kuddos to those guys who get out there and play their booties off. I know if I were out there, I would take off screaming if a huge 200 pound man was trying to tackle me for a football.

Any-who, my apologies for the blog slacking lately! I never realized how complicated it would be to blog and do school. I am trying to post three times a week so bear with me pleaseeee :)
I have noticed I have gained a few new followers and THANK YOU so much. I love blogging and although I don't have all the time for it in the world, seeing a new follower and friend truly warms my heart. 

Now for some happy things! As most of you know, I have really been working to completely renovate my home. My husband and I have been renting this house since we were married in September and we are now in the process of owning it ourselves. YAY with some HALLELUJAH! 

Our home was built in the 60s I believe and yes, as you are thinking, it was totally 60-d out. Plain walls, horrible laminate in the den, yada yada yada. 
When I first moved in I completely ripped up all the carpet in the house. There was carpet in our front room, all three bedrooms and our hallway leading to the bedrooms. VERY LUCKY for us, underneath the carpet was a really vintage and gorgeous hardwood. I love the look of it and I definitely do not plan to make any changes. Now as for our kitchen, that will have to be re-tiled and we need new hardwood in our den {because we are totally rockin some 60s laminate in there }But that is for another day and post :)

SO without further ado....here is the newly renovated front room {or living room as I call it}

I wish SO BADLY that I had before picutres to show you but I am definitely someone who gets so excited and forgets all about before pictures. I will work on that from now on :)

This room was solid white with solid white carpet. Just plain bland. I painted my kitchen this same color {later post to come} and decided to bring the color into the front room as well because our front room and kitchen run together. 
I hope that makes sense.
Now for some details!
- Couch: from my wonderful neighbor {let me tell you, hand me downs are heaven when you are a newlywed}
- Rug: I purchased from Home Goods for only $ 20!!
- Throw pillows: Actually, these throw pillows are no longer the ones I have but these belonged to my mom. 
- Flowers: A wedding decoration and gift from my hub's wonderful mom
- TV: This ancient thing was Sean's since forever. At first I really didn't like the idea of the TV in the room but now that we have it in there, I think it makes the room look more cozy. Plus its super nice having the Xbox in a separate room that in our main room ;)
-Coffee table: This I actually bought at a yard sale for $ 15 and stained. When I first purchased it, it was a yucky oak grandma color so I decided to stain it black. LOVE. 
- Decor table: Is that what you call it? Not sure. But this piece is one of my favorite things we have in our home. My mom actually just passed this along to me which I could not believe because I am pretty sure I will never give it up :)

Most of the smaller decoration pieces I bought at the Southern Women's show or on clearance somewhere. If you are anything like me, you HATE paying full price for something. I can see a piece I love but if its not the right price, I will easily put it down and go for something more of my budget. 
Hey I'm Lauren and I am that girl that is always shopping in the clearance section at Target. Foreal. 

So that is all for now! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I plan to photograph and blog every single renovation we do for our home. In good news, OUR DEN IS NOW COMPLETE, except for those horrible laminate 60s floors, BUT I will be putting those photos up soon. I cant wait for you to see them! I will also do a complete recap of the house after I go room by room because I can already see where I have done minor changes to this room since these photos have been taken. 

Leave your comments and give me your design tips, tricks and advice :)


  1. So...we both are newly weds, we both have/love dogs, we both love Jesus. Can this get any better?! Will you be my new blog best friend!!! I love our blog!

  2. Clearance section at Target FOR THE WIN! Actually, that's pretty much my favorite section of any store!