February 26, 2014

Photography Inspiration.

March is quickly approaching.....you know what this means??
PERFECT weather and LOTS of shooting for this girl !!!
As I posted on this post here, my wonderful husband has retired in his photography world for now to focus more on his school. He has gifted me with his divine Canon 5D Mark II professional camera. This thing is like a monster to me. I am used to my Canon T3i so this will be a new but exciting experience. 

My love for photography seems to grow more and more day by day. I can't wait to get to the point in my life where I can do this on the side. My dreams would be fulfilled. EEK!
Today on my Facebook, I requested for people to message me if they wanted free photo shoots done. I want to shoot anything...family, baby, senior, group....anything. Well, I had a huge hit and I think I have enough shoots lined up until the end of April! 

I have been creating a collage of photography ideas on my Pinterest and these are some of my idol photographer that I hope to shoot like one day!

Seriously, can this girl take some pictures or what?? I admire the mess out of her photos and hopefully ONE DAY I will be able to shadow under this photography goddess! 

 This girl is brilliant! Her and her husband shoot together (which I think is so adorable) and they are naturally perfect at what they do!

This girl ALWAYS amazes me. I have been in love with her photographer for a really long time and she is one of the sweetest people to work with!

 ^ I am actually doing a shoot with this sweet girl, Victoria, and her husband in March! Are they perfect together or what?? ^

Today plans: Get off work, go with my hubs to a good spot and practice practice practice so I can start thinking of that "photography name". A girl can dream right?!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE photography tips if you have any! Comment below :)


February 25, 2014



I am thankful for an eternal life I have been given. I am thankful that through all my sins and all my shame, I have a Christ who loves me with more love than I could ever imagine. I am thankful for His word that leads me daily.

I am thankful that I am breathing this very second.

I am thankful that I was able to wake up this morning to experience another beautiful miracle of a day.

I am thankful for my husband who is always by my side. For the man who constantly tells me that he loves me, who always makes sure I am kissed goodnight and who always comforts, supports and loves me.

I am thankful for parents who were always "strict" on me growing up. I am thankful for them always holding me tight and showing me how to be a true lady. I am thankful that they showed me so much love in protecting and guiding me so I would know the right paths to take in life.

I am thankful for my grandparents who taught me more about Christ than anyone. I am thankful for their love and life lessons that I will hold on to forever.

I am thankful for my new mother and father in law who have taken me in as a daughter of their own. I am thankful for so much love and generosity they have shown me in the past six years.

I am thankful for my little sister and brother. As much as we all annoy each other, I would do anything for those two and they mean the world to me. Some days I feel like they are kids of my own because I get so excited watching them grow up.

I am thankful for all of my new sister and brother in laws who are seriously some of the sweetest people on this earth. They have all done so much for me and I cant thank them enough for it all.  

I am thankful for friends who I can laugh with, cry with and be 100 percent of myself with them.

I am thankful for working with Rave Ministries and ministering young girls to Christ.

I am thankful for my house I get to share with my husband and our five pets (yes, FIVE)

I am thankful for my job that was such an incredible blessing.

I am thankful for a car that gets me to my job.

I am thankful to have food during the day and a warm bed to sleep in during the night.

I am thankful for legs that allow me to run, arms that allow me to hug and a body that is healthy.

A few days ago, I lost an old friend due to cancer. She was only in her early 20s and also married to a great man. I also arrived at home from work yesterday, and found out that one of my precious cats I lived with at my parents had passed away. 
Today has really had me thinking about my perspective on things. Honestly, sometimes I really need to get my perspectives right. I let the un-important things become important and the important things fall to the bottom of my priorities. I take things for granted. I get worked up over things that shouldn't be worked up about. I hold grudges that should be let go.
What is the point?
This week, I really encourage you to do the same. Life is short and sometimes we have this mind set that this earthly life is eternal. Remember to be thankful for EVERYTHING and take NOTHING for granted. Call that person you are fighting with, tell the one you are annoyed with how much you love them and do something wonderful for that stranger. Hold the ones you love tightly and thank God for allowing you to wake up this beautiful morning. 


February 23, 2014

Photo Update // Vol. 2

Good morning beauties!
Today I am very excited to post this photography update. This week I rented a 135mm 2L and took a zoo trip with Sean. This lens is incredible! I am trying to find some way to get it but $ 1000 for a lens is WAY out of my budget right now. 

None of these have been Photoshopped yet. 
These little guys will steal your heart! 
along with this baby that likes to play with her tail. Too much cuteness! 
 This photo I actually took on our last zoo trip. For this, I used my 50mm lens.
 Was the giraffe a perfect model or what?
I am very pleased with the way most the photos turned out. I plan to rent the lens again very soon because last night......my husband surprised me by giving me a Canon 5D Mark II camera!!!! Way more advanced than my Canon T3I so I am VERY excited to start shooting! I plan to start Photoshop in March and after some more practice, this lady will (fingers crossed) being doing some photography on the side! YAY!

What type of camera do you use? Photography tips, tricks? I would love to hear it all!


February 20, 2014

Liebster Award nominations!

Liebster Award

Happy Thursday everyone!
Exciting news! I was nominated by the wonderful Amy from Lovely Does It for the Liebster Award!  It is a way to find new blogs that may be outside of your circle. It also is a way for others to find and read the blogs you love! Amy gave a list of questions to answer and also asked me to nominate a few other blogs with my own list of questions. Fun or what?!? 
So, lets get started!
  1. Why do you love blogging? Blogging has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I have met so many new, sweet friends that I would have never met without blogging. It is also a way for me to express myself with life journeys and things that interest me. So so happy I decided to start this :)
  2. What is your middle name, and do you love it or hate it? My middle name is Ann. I have actually learned to love it! When I was younger I used to hate it (but didn't we all hate our names at one point?) My mom's middle name is also Ann so it is something I will definitely pass along if I have a daughter. Plus, it makes my full name sound really southern...which I cant argue with :)
  3. What is something God is teaching you right now? Definitely stronger faith. I am someone who plans ahead a lot. Its like I must have every little detail planned about today or tomorrow or next week. An absolute horrible habit. I need more faith and I need to stop worrying about today and tomorrow. I always think of Matthew 6: 25-34 and Oceans by United. Would I have the strong faith Peter did as he walked on waters to Christ? 
  4. What’s your favorite hobby? I have many favorite hobbies but right now, my favorite is photography. I love love love it. This past weekend, Sean and I went to the zoo and I rented a very nice prime lens. I cant wait to upload the photos to share! I am still planning to learn Photoshop and maybe do some pro photography on the side. Baby steps!
  5. Tell us about your best vacation you have ever taken. Definitely my honeymoon. It was my first time at the beach (horrible I know) and experiencing the beach for the first time with the man I love made for an incredible time. I am now constantly thinking about the beach. The warmth, the seagulls chirping and the waves pushing up on shore. Ahh paradise! We are planning our anniversary trip to Panama Beach this September and I can.not.wait!
  6. Tell us one thing from your bucket list. I could create a book for this. One of the things on my bucket list is to work for KLove. I absolutely would have a mini heart attack if I was ever able to work for them. I always check the job openings, like once a week hehe. Of course, I would probably have to move in order to work with them which means I would have to move all of our family members. Sounds like a wonderful plan :)
  7. Who is one hero that you have? When I think of a hero I automatically think of my grandparents. Those two people were truly my biggest inspirations. They both showed so much love, care and had the strongest faith of anyone. I learned so much class and how to be a godly woman through my grandmother. I learned how to be strong and how to be a heck of a fisher from my grandpa. I miss those two more than I could ever express but the memories and lessons I learned from them will be something I will be so excited to tell my kids about. 
  8. Favorite song right now? Keep making me by Sidewalk Prophets. This song is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I want to be broken, empty and lonely so I can be filled with nothing but Christ. It is hard to put into words until you hear this song. Just perfect!
  9. What is one of your fashion staples? A fashion staple I have always loved is the high neck lines. I am so drawn to dresses and shirts that have these and I cant get enough of them. If you explored my closet, you would think I need an intervention for the necklines. 
  10. Something you wish you were awesome at? Singing! I have always wanted to sing but this is something that will never happen. I didn't even make the choir in 7th grade. Scarred for life. 
Okay! Now for the lovely ladies I will nominate:

and these are the questions:
1. What made you decide to start blogging?
2. What is your favorite thing to do in your past time?
3. What is your dream job?
4. What is something great God is doing in your life right now?
5. What is your worst habit?
6. Something you can't live without?
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
8. Your all time favorite memory?
9. What is your best beauty tip?
10. What is your favorite accessory?

I can't wait to see all the responses!

February 18, 2014

The Flowers Home // Vol. 3

Happy Tuesday!
Hopefully you had a nice, relaxing Presidents Day weekend. If you are anything like me, Tuesdays are your favorites because of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS
Yes, I am obsessed. But its perfectly okay because my mom and sister are as crazy as I am. 


I have been meaning to post this post for some time now and I am so excited to share it with you! As I have posted many times, Sean and I have been remodeling our 60s rental home. I posted our first remodeled room that you can view right here. This room is our most recent remodel, our den...main room, whatever you would like to call it :)

This room started out as. a. mess. The walls are paneling and they were a horrible, dark brown color. The room was very dark 24/7 no matter how many lamps or windows I opened. The doors were also dark brown so I painted them white. There are two french-like doors that lead to our pantry. These I painted white but I have only done two coats on them because honestly, I am kind of loving the unfinished look of the doors. 
Still debating on that third coat. 

SO when we decided to paint, I wanted a very calm, neutral color that I knew would bring in a lot of light. I think this light brown worked perfect and I couldn't be happier.

Without further ado....here is our new look to the den.
I just noticed that I completely missed one side of our room that has a china cabinet I redid. Grrr. But like I said in my first remodel post, after we are finished with the kitchen, I will go back and retake pictures of some of the updated things like new rugs, throw pillows, furniture moved around, etc. I can completely love a room one day but change my furniture around the next. 
Annoying yes....but I like change :)

Now for some details!
- Throw pillows: Walmart, Ross and TJ Maxx! Budget ladies! I am all about the budget and these three places are the best to get pillows in my opinion. I purchased them all of my pillows ranging from $ 8- $ 16. Yes $ 16 is a little high but they are the down feathered, large ones. If you know of a cheaper place, let me know! (the smaller white pillow with the bow was a present from my mom. She purchased it from an antique store. LOVE)

- Curtains: I took a leap of faith with these babies. I took a trip to Target one day on a frustrated search. Before, I had these really red curtains in the den. They matched just fine but something about them annoyed the mess out of me. I wanted something with a pattern that wasnt so bold. I immediately fell in love with these baby blue curtains at Target and I never would have imagined I would hang baby blue curtains in my den. But I absolutely love them and they turned out the exact way I wanted them to. They were a little pricey though. They are $ 20.00 for one panel and I had to have four panels. Ouch. But I broke the purchased into separate weeks in order to stay within my "home remodel" budget. If you want these same curtains, you can click here to order them. They also have a burnt orange color that I LOVE! May have to have those for the office down the road :)

- Bookshelf accessories: I cant remember where I purchased the large black memories frame. I want to say Walmart? I purchased it before we were married and finally found a place to use it! Bird at the top came from Kirkland's for $ 8.00. Clear vase from Ross $ 3.00. When in doubt cross sign I purchased for $ 8.00 from the Spring Market that comes to our town every year. If it comes to your town GO GO GO! It is so much fun and very similar to the Southern Women's show. Its a tradition my mom and I have every year and it is seriously a blast. I cant wait to go this year :) The basket I received from a sweet family member. Frames I probably purchased at Walmart and the two decorative plates I purchased at Target on the clearance rack for $ 2.00 a piece. 

- Baby blue chicken wire frame: My dad and I actually made this together. Expect a blog post on a DIY this week :)

- Small table in the corner: Lamp I purchased from Target on clearance for $ 12.00. It was originally 
$ 25.00  but I wasn't going to pay that because I am the cheapest lady in the world....foreal. If you can see it, there is a small lantern lamp that I purchased at Walmart for $ 8.00. 

- Cross on the wall: I purchased this at Ross and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was only $ 8.00.

- China cabinet: The "you are my sunshine" sign was a gift from my mom. The bird cage I purchased from Goodwill for $ 2.00. When I purchased it, it was completely white so I got some gold spray paint from Walmart for $ 3.00 and sprayed it. The clear, glass picture frame I actually received from my grandma many years ago. I never wanted to take it out of the box because it is very heavy and it means a lot to me. I have just recently taken it out of the box for my favorite wedding photo. 

- Scentsy warmer: This one is called Amala and I may be wrong but I think I purchased it for $ 25.00. If you have never tried a Scentsy before, give it a try! Here is the latest catalog They are like safe candles that you can change the scent on over and over. Totally worth the money!

I hope I have covered all the small details. If not, let me know and I will be happy to point you to the right store with the right price :) There are still minor details I have left to do (like new doorknobs) but if you have any decor tips or tricks, be sure to comment below!!