January 24, 2014

Happy Fridays.

The perfect day of the week is here. 
hooray, hooray, hooray
Fridays is like getting chocolate to me.....just a happy feeling. The beginning of a fresh weekend. Ahhhh.
Bonus points- I am leaving work at one today rather than four-thirty. YUS!

Weekend plans: 
1. Homework, lots of homework. {but that's okay because for some reason I am LOVING this semester so far. God is seriously working inside of me on this one. Who knew I would love upper level management classes so much??}

2. PAINT MY KITCHEN CABINETS. If yall walked in my home right now, you would see a black cabinet followed by a white cabinet followed by a brown cabinet. It looks like a weird tie-dye mix of the 60s or something. GOAL is to get them all painted black by this weekend. Not sure if it will happen but hey....a girl can dream :) 

3. Post home progress photos for you to see. Because duh. 

4. Somehow relax and have a wonderful long weekend with my hubs. Some of my favorite times are curling up in a huge blanket with some sweet tea and watching Pawn Stars with that man. He completes me. 

So, as I say again, happy happy Friday :) What are your weekend plans?


  1. Love love love fridays, and boo on your homework! Are you guys watching Super Bowl this Sunday?

  2. Yay another wife that's still in school! I feel your pain sister , I did homework this weekend too!