December 9, 2013

The Flowers Home // Vol 1.

Before we painted, we had these lovely, dark panel walls. My goodness they were something huh? At first, we had to paint all the trim and then we finally moved on to the walls. When I first started to paint I was not thrilled about the color. It was way too light for me and it basically ended up being the same color as the white trim. So we took a fourth trip to Lowes and picked up a darker color. We both fell in love! 
Now for the good stuff!

Can we say HALLELUJAH! I love when people tell me the room looks completely different....because that is definitely what we wanted. 

Now for some small details!

Oh, and lets not forget the Christmas decorations for our #12daysofblogging

As you know, this is our very first Christmas together as newlyweds. We went with an artificial tree this year but I am SO excited to get a real tree next year. I have never had a real tree before but lately I have grown extremely fond of them {I am thinking I hear a new holiday tradition in the making for next year} This year we stayed pretty simple for Christmas. I picked up most of our decorations from Target, Hobby Lobby and the lovely inter web. We have decorations spread all throughout our home which I think is essential when you have as much Christmas spirit as I do. We also have another tree in our front room plus our little Christmas town {why yes, I will be posting about that} 

I am so happy we have this little spot in our home to have family, friends and just enjoy each other's company. There were definitely blood, sweat and tears put into this room. I still have so much more I want to do for this room. New lighting {as you can tell from the photos, this room is hard keeping bright} and NEW FLOORSSS. But until then, I am so thankful we can finally come home and relax in our favorite room with countless laughs, cuddles, food and Storage Wars. Oh and we also have painted our kitchen and front room. I am happy to announce that the front room is 100% finished. Expect photos next post.

Still wondering how I was so lucky to have this man :) 

Be sure to follow along with Amber and I as we count down these last few days until Christmas! 


  1. Hello there, new friend! This blog post told me that we have lots in common. Our first newlywed Christmas... and a home with painted wood paneling! YAY! Haha. Love this post and looking forward to more! XO!

  2. Look how cute and cozy your new room looks! I love the paint and the Christmas decorations add that special touch.

  3. It's amazing what a little bit (or a lot) of paint can do! The painted paneling looks great! Love your red and white ornaments...I'm a big fan of red and white Christmas decor! You have some cute prints in your round up...wondering where they are from?? I create prints, too and love finding other artists! I also love how you edited your photos! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts from this fun link up!

  4. if that's not the coziest room i've ever seen...i want to curl up and watch a movie there too! i think elf would be a good choice. i'm so glad you're linking up with amber and i, i love finding new blogs!

  5. Your home looks so cosy ! I love the lights in your tree ! :)