November 8, 2013

Christmas Time is Here.

I can't do it any longer. This year I was determined. I wasn't going to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. No Christmas music, no Christmas decorations....nothing. But, I can't do it. I am BEYOND READY for Christmas! I have so much more to look forward to this year {let me cap it all for my own enjoyment} 

1. First Christmas as a married couple! We have been waiting to celebrate Christmas together and it is finally here. We get to decorate our two trees together {I always wanted one in the living room and den}, to cuddle on the couch with hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies all night, to send out adorable Christmas cards and to make our house become a winter wonderland eekk :)

2. Family! I am so excited for family Christmas than I used to be. I guess when I was young, it was more about the presents {lets be honest here} Now that I am older, I realize that presents are the least important gifts of Christmas. Being together with mine and Sean's family is such a blessing and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. My cousins come back in town from college and it is so great to all be together again like the old times. We now have Christmas at my parent's house which makes it more at home. The food is perfect and so much love and joy is shared in one room. 

3. Christmas parties! One of my absolute favorite new traditions about Christmas is the Christmas party at Sean's parent's house. We play Dirty Santa which is always such a blast. It is great all being together, laughing away, eating even more food and making new memories every year. 

4. Christmas decorations! I have had a vision in my head for years now on what I wanted my house to look like at Christmas {i'm pathetic I know} Driveway lined with candy canes, lights streamed across the house and down our columns, Christmas music playing in the house and the smell of a warm fireplace in the home {thanks to scentsy!} 

Just thinking about it all sounds so heavenly. Expect many random posts here and there talking about Christmas. I listened to my first Christmas song yesterday and I had to make myself turn it off so I wouldn't spoil it. I have to remember Thanksgiving is first :)

Also, thanks to this girl I have found the perfect Christmas cards at a great price! Be sure to check out this lady's Etsy shop here. You will fall in love! These are the designs I have as favorites so it's going to be tough picking just one {if you would like a Christmas card sent to you, send us your address right here!}

{told you it would be hard to choose just one}


  1. I know the feeling ! Last week I was like "Well, Christmas is coming but first, I have my exams" and then I saw all the Christmas decorations in town, and I keep wondering which color I want for our tree ! I'm super excited to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend, in our home for the first time !

    1. Girl, I completely understand! I have been thinking about Christmas decorations and what color to do the tree at least ten times a day. We cant help it. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year :)

  2. Love Christmas sooo much! Those are some great cards. I will definitely check out her shop.

    1. You should! I would expect adorable cards like these to be a tad pricey but this lady has it going on :)