November 11, 2013

Honest Post // Count Your Blessings.

I woke up late for work, unable to find one thing to wear, grumpy and just plain out griping because it was Monday. Traffic was horrible and I had to run in the door in order to clock in on time. After making some breakfast at work and getting settled in, I turned on Klove and I wanted to sink in my chair. 

I was reminded about the absolute horrible time the ones in the Philippines are having right now. Typhoon Haiyan completely destroyed these people's lives....yet, here I am complaining because it is Monday. Another Monday I was able to kiss my husband off to work, wake up and get ready for a job that many people are searching for, put on warm clothes, get in a car that gets me where I need to go and a safe trip to where I needed to be. I am feeling heavy with selfishness this morning. 

I look at these photos and I am in so much shock with chills down my spine. These people have nothing. Nowhere to call home, nowhere to run and hide from it all and many of them can't find their own family members. I know we are people and it is only natural for us to have our days we complain but just keep this as a reminder. I know I definitely am. 

Also thinking about all the veterans and ones fighting for our country today. To all you army wives, y'all are truly amazing. I could never imagine my husband leaving for months at a time, especially with limited communication. I wish there was a way I could hug each of you, cook you a huge feast and be a support for you. Remember to keep those from the Philippines, veterans, soldiers and their family in your hearts and prayers. Definitely counting my blessings one by one today. 

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  1. What is happening write now in Philippines is truly horrible. What nature causes can be terrifying ! I wish I could do something to help ... The most terrible is watching all these pictures and videos and being unable to help them :(