November 25, 2013

Take A Look // The Liberty Shoppe

With Christmas just around the corner,  I can't think of a better stocking stuffer than these adorable bows. My sweet friend Kelsey has started a company called "The Liberty Shoppe" with her dear friend Brooke. These bows aren't just all about the adorable-ness, they come with a purpose. Kelsey and Brooke have such a deep passion to end human trafficking and I have never seen anyone with such a deep desire than these two ladies. They each make these hair bows and a portion of every sale supports the efforts to end human trafficking. I ordered some bows about a month ago and let me tell you, they are precious! I wear them non-stop and I just want to order all of the sets these ladies have made. You can find their Etsy shop right here and I will also have a link under my "link" section. Be sure to go and order away to help these ladies put an end to trafficking! 

^^ I ordered this set and I am in LOVE. 

November 15, 2013

Personal Goals.

WOW! It has literally been one insane week. School has taken over my social life plus I have been trying to get the house more of feeling like a home. But there is something about Fridays that picks me up off of my feet and today, I am feeling mega creative. I have all these thoughts running through my mind of different tasks I want to accomplish. Finally I had to grab a pen and write them all down before I drove myself crazy. So, without further ado :)

Goals to be Achieved
      - DAILY devotions: Something I really want to stick to. I have to admit, after a long day of work with school to follow, I will just pass the devotion on tomorrow's to do list...and it goes on and on. 

      - Learn to sew: This has been something that I have been wanting to do for so long but first of all, I have no sewing machine. That would be a great start right!? Like every November, I have already found some great deals in Black Friday ads and a sewing machine is at the top of my list :) {any sewing tips would be greatly appreciated}

       - Learn to cook: I know this is absolutely horrible. Since September 15th, my husband has been taking over the meals. I will cook sides, make the tea, make a salad, but he is the one slaving over the stove. This is definitely not the way this wife planned our meals to be. SO I have come up with a solution. Every Sunday, I will make a "cook plan for the week." Im pretty excited about this one. I will go on  and write down what we will plan to eat for dinner that whole week. Then on Monday I will take a grocery trip for all the supplies :) I have also been printing some great recipes from my absolute favorite cooks The Pioneer WomanBarefoot ContessaTrisha's Southern Kitchen, and of course Martha Stewart. I will post our meal plans success so you can get some ideas as well :)

-GROW this blog: Seriously, I am really wanting this. I would love to be one of those blogs everyone loves to go to. Bear with me, I know I still need work. Blogging is a lot harder than I thought it was but I am so excited to grow with all you lovely people!

- Start my Etsy shop: This one is in the works. I have this great idea that I plan to make soon and Etsy will be the place. It is still under construction just a bit, but I cant wait for you to see it!

- Learn how to use Photoshop: Yes, I have been putting it off. As mentioned, school is first right now. This weekend I plan to do a lot of research and sit with Sean to figure this baby out. Discouraged is a great word to describe how I get when I look at that stuff. I am hoping it is much easier than it seems.

- Photograph every moment: This may be more of a personal goal but I figured it would do just fine over here. I have to admit I wasn't one that always carried my camera and now I totally regret that. I feel like there are so many years missed because I never took pictures. Now that I have this camera, I plan to photograph every moment. 

- Purchase a Mac: My goodness I want  one so bad. But as we all know, they are not cheap by any means and this lady is on a budget. I can't just go and throw over $ 1000 on a computer. SO goal- save up and finally get one! Seeing Sean edit and post his photos on his Mac is a 360 from my little Toshiba. 

- Photograph a wedding and newborns: BIG jump in the goals right?? I am not looking for photography to become a career for me but I would love to do it part time on the side, only because I love to shoot! I would love to join a photographer and just shoot a wedding. It is such a beautiful time for a person and I love capturing photos for others to hold onto forever. And of course, who wouldn't want to take tons of newborn pictures :) {last weekend, Sean and I took photos for his sister and family. Very excited to get those up in Photoshop and loaded for you to see!}

- Paint living room, kitchen, den, bathrooms, guest room and office. My oh my do we have some painting to do. Tonight I will be painting the kitchen which I am SO EXCITED about! With painting the bedroom, I noticed how important painting is to make a house a home. I will be posting before and afters so keep an eye out!

- New den, kitchen and bathroom floors. This will be a mess. The home we are in actually belonged to my grandparents. It is an older house with that adorable 60's style....right. Luckily we ripped up carpet in the bedrooms and living room which revealed this pretty, vintage looking hardwood. I am very happy with how those floors look so that will save us a bit with less flooring to put down. But our den floor is definitely a must. I don't know how much more I can look at that laminate, pattern, 70's style thing. 

- Stain kitchen cabinets, get new counter top and new faucets. Self explanatory :)

I'm mega happy that I have found other bloggers who have been in the same spot as me. This sweet girl at Happily Ever Strader has given me SO MUCH INSPIRATION! We pretty much started out in the same situation with the older modeled house. What her and her husband have done to their house absolutely blows me away and all I have to do is look at her home post....then I am off for more paint and home ideas. I cant wait to paint tonight. Look for pictures to come :)

November 11, 2013

Honest Post // Count Your Blessings.

I woke up late for work, unable to find one thing to wear, grumpy and just plain out griping because it was Monday. Traffic was horrible and I had to run in the door in order to clock in on time. After making some breakfast at work and getting settled in, I turned on Klove and I wanted to sink in my chair. 

I was reminded about the absolute horrible time the ones in the Philippines are having right now. Typhoon Haiyan completely destroyed these people's lives....yet, here I am complaining because it is Monday. Another Monday I was able to kiss my husband off to work, wake up and get ready for a job that many people are searching for, put on warm clothes, get in a car that gets me where I need to go and a safe trip to where I needed to be. I am feeling heavy with selfishness this morning. 

I look at these photos and I am in so much shock with chills down my spine. These people have nothing. Nowhere to call home, nowhere to run and hide from it all and many of them can't find their own family members. I know we are people and it is only natural for us to have our days we complain but just keep this as a reminder. I know I definitely am. 

Also thinking about all the veterans and ones fighting for our country today. To all you army wives, y'all are truly amazing. I could never imagine my husband leaving for months at a time, especially with limited communication. I wish there was a way I could hug each of you, cook you a huge feast and be a support for you. Remember to keep those from the Philippines, veterans, soldiers and their family in your hearts and prayers. Definitely counting my blessings one by one today. 

November 8, 2013

Christmas Time is Here.

I can't do it any longer. This year I was determined. I wasn't going to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. No Christmas music, no Christmas decorations....nothing. But, I can't do it. I am BEYOND READY for Christmas! I have so much more to look forward to this year {let me cap it all for my own enjoyment} 

1. First Christmas as a married couple! We have been waiting to celebrate Christmas together and it is finally here. We get to decorate our two trees together {I always wanted one in the living room and den}, to cuddle on the couch with hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies all night, to send out adorable Christmas cards and to make our house become a winter wonderland eekk :)

2. Family! I am so excited for family Christmas than I used to be. I guess when I was young, it was more about the presents {lets be honest here} Now that I am older, I realize that presents are the least important gifts of Christmas. Being together with mine and Sean's family is such a blessing and I am so thankful for each and every one of them. My cousins come back in town from college and it is so great to all be together again like the old times. We now have Christmas at my parent's house which makes it more at home. The food is perfect and so much love and joy is shared in one room. 

3. Christmas parties! One of my absolute favorite new traditions about Christmas is the Christmas party at Sean's parent's house. We play Dirty Santa which is always such a blast. It is great all being together, laughing away, eating even more food and making new memories every year. 

4. Christmas decorations! I have had a vision in my head for years now on what I wanted my house to look like at Christmas {i'm pathetic I know} Driveway lined with candy canes, lights streamed across the house and down our columns, Christmas music playing in the house and the smell of a warm fireplace in the home {thanks to scentsy!} 

Just thinking about it all sounds so heavenly. Expect many random posts here and there talking about Christmas. I listened to my first Christmas song yesterday and I had to make myself turn it off so I wouldn't spoil it. I have to remember Thanksgiving is first :)

Also, thanks to this girl I have found the perfect Christmas cards at a great price! Be sure to check out this lady's Etsy shop here. You will fall in love! These are the designs I have as favorites so it's going to be tough picking just one {if you would like a Christmas card sent to you, send us your address right here!}

{told you it would be hard to choose just one}

November 6, 2013

Photo Update // Vol. 1

As promised, here is the update on some photography I have done lately. I should be learning how to edit this week and I can't wait for that! 
Thanks to my hubs for letting me use his 50mm lens which gives me the look I love! Needless to say, I am holding on to that lens for a while...I hope :)

These are a little out of focus but how could I not put up that handsome face?

...and this gem is definitely my favorite picture I have taken 

Since the time change this week, it's been almost dark outside when I get off work so I am hoping for a weekend full of more shooting. Keep an eye out :)