October 28, 2013

Honeymoon Post.

Now that I have the wedding pics up, I just have to throw in our honeymoon photos. After all, that is what a blog is for right? :) 
We chose to go to the glorious state of Florida and stay in Ft. Walton on Okaloosa Island. Can we say PERFECT. Nothing but great weather and small crowds. This was a big deal for me since this was my first time at the beach 
{I know...weird and I am not American} 

{Our condo home, The Breakers}

 {Our view from outside our condo door}

{Our view from our condo balcony....talk about paradise!}

{First time for the feel of some beach sand} 

{Sunsets from our balcony}

{We had a rip current warning the whole trip, but it was absolutely beautiful...even when it was pulling us under} 

{Props to Sean for waking up to cook breakfast every.single.morning I would starve without him because this girl is not a cooker}

{We headed over to the gulfarium for the dolphin show and aquarium}

{But NOTHING tops this little guy who would not leave me alone. My heart melted and melted some more}

{Of course, we did some beach time and pier walks}

{....where we met this creep}

{One night we found this restaurant Dewey Destins. GO. We had a harbor view with one beyond amazing dinner}

{Sorry for the choppy photos. My phone is junk and always remember to choose the IPhone}


  1. SO fun Lauren! Sounds like you had a great time! Florida is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you sweet girl! It was definitely a blast :) and oh I completely agree. It was hard to not leave our bags and find a house down there!

  2. your beach photos look so so lovely! i wish we could go back and have another honeymoon. they are so amazing. we spent one week in the ozarks and one week in the bahamas.